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Pregnancy: The Edge of Evolution
Pregnancy: The Edge of Evolution

Given that future generations depends on the well-functioning of our kids I am surprised that motherhood skills has never been a top priority. There has been a cultural legacy of expectation that mothers inherently know what to do and yet ironically many cultures prepare their women to become “good wives”. And so, it is not surprising that many women of child bearing age to do the in-depth reflections that lead to conscious motherhood.

Working with women during their pregnancy for nearly 40 years, this seems to be true as very rarely did they speak about the shifts they had taken to become the best mother for their child. When I brought the subject up it seem a complete anathema to them as they were there simply to preparing their body to have a good birth and very few felt they had the time to wanted to up-level themselves. When questioned those mothers never doubted that they would be a good mother, many of them told me they had learnt their mothering skills by modelling their mother’s way of doing things and they “turned out fine”. However, research shows that your mother’s or primary caretakers attachment style will profoundly influence the way that you mother your child. I know my mother’s parenting style resulted in my developing Imposter Syndrome which I believe ultimately caused my infertility problems.

I can remember the desperation I felt going through IVF treatment knowing that the odds were stacked against me because I had decided to wait until I was in a stable relationship and had enough security. My IVF focused mainly on the physical aspects of getting pregnant and because my biological clock was ticking all I could think of or focus on was getting pregnant and so, I understand that taking time to find out Who You Need To Become was the last thing I wanted to do. There is a great book by Jordan Davidson “So When Are You Having Kids” recently released, in which she explores many of the topics that may give you a much bigger perspective on conscious choices around having children.

Today’s world life can be incredibly challenging for all of us and especially, for young children growing up. Our world that is rapidly changing and is becoming so much more complex. There are greater demands being placed upon not only on mothers who trying to juggle work and family life but also, on children to perform at an even higher level in order to succeed. We are also living in an age where information is prolific, uncensored and readily available which means that it can be incredibly hard to decipher the truth about what to do especially, when there is so much conflicting information going around. Thus, it is imperative that we learn to decipher out what is true and what is not true so that, we can choose well

Traditionally two major drivers for which procreation was discussed was Nature vs Nurture however it is much more complex and we now focus more on the interactions between the two as the driver.

  1. Nature – involves your genes. The primary focus of nature is that you to produce successful offspring. From the moment you were created it has been readying your body to procreate and for most people they fulfil intrinsic drive. However, should you have delayed having children or you had decided that you don’t want them it has a sneaky in the way of trying to get you to have offspring. Often around the 35-40 years of age when fertility is diminishing many women start to feel a compelling urge to have a child and of course, most mothers are happy when their child is born however few explore what those feeling really are about. Also, nature safeguards offspring by increasing the parental desire to look after only children that are genetically similar to them and so, trying to get pregnant is fraught with anxiety and distress.
  1. Nurture – is about the cultural environment you live in. Traditionally there are expectation of the roles as women and men follow and it can become challenging to go contrary to the norm. Most western women are choosing both – to have a family and a career but it comes at a cost. To get further ahead often requires being established which takes time but there is a finite fertility window for women which can put immense the pressure on women. There is also the social stigma attached to being childfree with women being subjected to being told they are selfish or unworthy simply because they are choosing differently or in some cultures fertility needs to be proved first before a woman can marry and so, many children are born not because they are wanted but because they are proof of a mother’s fertility capacity. There children are often brought up by grandmothers and other relatives and not the mother herself.

Having children is a privilege; you are holding the future in your hands. This means that You Are The Creator At The Edge Of Evolution and so, it is up to you to bring a different a level of consciousness to pregnancy wellbeing. I say this because while you are pregnant you are your baby work as a Complete Unit and research shows that whatever happens to you will affect your baby, to some degree – that is a given!

I don’t say this lightly because I want you to see the deeper truth, the higher possibility that I hold for you as a pregnant mum. The fact is, that during pregnancy neuroplasticity is at its greatest potential. Fluctuating and/or increasing levels of hormones are constantly driving the neuroplasticity process. We know that gene expression is affected by our environments from the abundant research which shows this to be true. Many issues children are currently experiencing i.e. childhood diabetes, hyper-disorders, anxiety and behavioural issues, etc., are the direct results of a trans-generational legacy of poor nutrition, stress and trauma. But this is not all doom and gloom because you as a At The Edge Of Evolution. You get to actively apply the principles of epigenesis to shift the balance of unhelpful genetic variations towards those that lead to more favourable outcomes for your child. Think of it – You get to change potentially harmful trans-generational legacy effects when you Consciously make the choices to transform you and your baby at the level of you DNA.

I have 30-years’ experience working with pregnant mums and I know, many mothers are highly motivated to make many changes during their pregnancy but often, once their baby is born they revert back to old habits. If you become a Conscious Creator you won’t slip back after the birth. You are clear on your vision as a mum, transforming yourself at the level of your DNA. You literally become a new person that thinks, feels and acts differently. And because you are your baby are one unit together – they get those befits too.

So what would it be like:
To become a Conscious Creator that knows exactly what to do when times are tough
Think things through clearly, feel confident and safe knowing that you’ve done enough
Protect and care for yourself and your baby so that you can safely be
Sink in to the truth that you are held safely throughout, all eternity.

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