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The goal of Transformational Coaching (TC) is to support you to find your unique gifts so that you can reach your highest potentials and self-actualize. It is an emergent process where you go on a voyage of self-discovery to find your unique solution to your problem. Working this way you get to change from the inside-out to literally becoming a new person. I like to think of it as the ‘Re-BE-ing’ of the new you into existence. How you will know that things have changed is that you will think, speak and act differently in relation to yourself, others and the world.

As a Transformational Coach, my job is to help you to come back into your “Wholeness”. From the moment you were born you have been creating self-protection layers that have been separating from your “original soul essence” which helped you deal with everyday traumas you’ve experienced. Unfortunately these self-protection layers are now hindering you from becoming who you truly must be. They show up are as your limiting beliefs, values, behaviours, old stories that are stopping you from living your full potential. So, we need to interrupt and disrupt those old patterns, stories so you can open yourself up to creating new potentials and possibilities for yourself.

I am not going to lie to you, it takes work to change. For transformation to happen it requires that you change at the level of your DNA and so, you will need to dig deep and uncover those hidden stories and open yourself up to the your True Power and become an conscious creator of your life and living your life from a place of true centeredness and authenticity. By targeting your transformation at the level of your deep neurological processes rather than on just surface skills and tools ensures that you lay down the neurological groundwork for Sustained Long-lasting Results and NOT temporary short-term relief.

We will use the ICAN® Process I developed which is based on the 4 CORE aspects of manifestation: Intention (Vision) , Commitment (Spirituality), Activation (Doing the Work), Neural Transformation (New You) as the Destiny Pathway for your Journey.

Importantly, although there are no expectations or deadlines, I am there to help you have gentle forward motion towards your goal. We will work together to address your barriers and blocks as well as create a your destiny pathway so you can be successful in reaching your desires, dreams and goals. It is important to note here that, the transformation journey is not a linear process as there will be success, set-backs, growth spurts, etc. However each session is an opportunity to shift your mindset, reassess, re-orientate and restart. I will be your biggest champion and always amplify your greatness as you rebirth the “New You” into existence.

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Client testimonials:

I highly recommend Sherine Lovegrove’s coaching program, she saved my life. I was lost in a deep dark hell, when she saw me and shined her light of divine mothering on me. Her gentle prodding and her honest listening lifted me up and taught me how to re-mother myself. In offering her deep divinity of love she helped me see the choices are all mine, all the time. Non-judge mental discernment is magic and opens doors we are afraid to look behind…Sherine held my hand and my heart and helped me learn to look behind mine, to allow the emotions to rise up be felt and exit my space in a realization each trauma holds a gift to teach me a new or different way to love. I owe Sherine my life and my deepest gratitude, her magic is exactly what our wounded world is in need of! I was blessed to have her coach me in a private Sovereign Way 1-2-1 Intensive Coaching Program and now coming to an end of a group mentoring process with her and others that has deepened my healing process, through all of this she has become a close friend and I hope our journey does not end. I consider her the most valuable facet of my life! (Shellie Schoppe)

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