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About me

Hello I am Sherine

I am a coaching psychotherapist and my goal is to partner with you to enhance the quality of your life, whether it is on something specific or you are seeking more satisfaction and balance in life.

I always have been involved in the field of Health and Wellbeing. I started my vocation in traditional medicine training first, as a nurse, midwife and intensive care specialist before I moving into psychotherapy and energy medicine. I believe has given me a unique understanding of how the mind, body, emotions and spirit work together to keep us healthy and well.

Whilst leading the wining research on “The Effects on Stress in Cardio-Thoracic Patients ” during my Intensive Care training I had an epiphany. I understood the body is a delicate system that works collaboratively and integrally with all its parts and that, any emotional or physical trauma which isn’t healed properly, the system then has to adapts. It is this adaptation which causes stress and dis-ease. So, in my work I seek to discover the root cause of your illnesses and help you heal your problem at the core. My vast therapeutic experience and knowledge in cognitive neuroscience led me to focus on using specific neuro-energetic methods to help you reset, recharge, reboot and ultimately reverse any stress related damage.

I am passionate about helping women, especially professional women who are pregnant and I created the Conscious Pregnancy System to hep pregnant mums work in harmony with their baby to have an empowered pregnancy and birth. I have found that, mothers who listen to and trust their embodied wisdom often have wonderful births and babies that are generally more relaxed, calm, resilient and anti-fragile. I know how stressful it can be being a new mum and so, when a mum is confident and happy, so is her baby and her family.

My practise is guided by sound scientific principles, and I am constantly updating my knowledge so I can serve my clients in my highest capacity. I am currently studying for my doctorate in Integrated Medicine, I am the author of two published books “The AHA Moment” and “Hiding in Plain Sight, No More”, participate on a number of podcasts and regularly write blogs.

I would describe myself as a quantum systems analyst in that, I can see the bigger picture and draw from multiple threads of information to help my clients. I am open, warm-hearted, honest and compassionate and I love to bring humour to the table. If you are my client, I am a fierce advocate for you because I see your greatness and your potential to achieve extraordinary outcomes. And so, as a client, I make it my commitment to help you get what you desire and more.


My Methods

Metaphor Psychotherapy
Applied Neuroscience
Mental Fitness Coaching
Directly changing how you think, feel and act to create outcomes and dreams you want.
Applying techniques for Rapid Trauma Resolution, Reconstruction and Reconciliation.
Indirectly solving your problems using you own metaphor and metaphor landscape.
Applying neuroscientific principles to create sustained behavioural changes .
Strengthening your Mental Capacity so you can handle life’s challenges positively.







what i treat


  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
  • Relationships Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Parenting Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Stress and Lifestyle Management
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Phase of Life Transitions


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