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Conscious Birthing

Conscious Pregnancy System (CPS) is designed to empower high functioning pregnant mums to have an extraordinary Pregnancy and Birth. It is founded on the philosophy that while you are pregnant you and your baby work together as a complete energetic system. This means that whatever happens to you also happens to your child. Research shows that pregnant mums who were taught to mindfully “listen to their body” so that they could down-regulate their stress responses had children that tended to be more relaxed, happier, confident, resilient and anti-fragile (Bounce back quickly and seek to explore). Thus, the CPS is designed to help you to develop a deep connection with your body wisdom by helping you to hone in on skills that strengthen your intuition, your emotional awareness and capacity to quickly interpret your body signals so that you can trust yourself implicitly to make good decisions whatever circumstances arise.

Why Is The CPS Important?

Although maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates have improved as a result of increased medical facilities available to women it appears that most pregnancy, birth and postnatal complications are due to changes in lifestyle choices. We live in a much more complex world and many working pregnant mums are having now to juggle many moving parts. Most working pregnant mums travel to work outside the home in offices where conditions tend not do not favour women’s wellbeing. These workplaces are traditionally masculine orientated which is very status driven and where competition and evaluation is rife. This is the total antithesis of a collaborative and inclusiveness style preferred by most women. So, many professional pregnant mums are having to navigate a power paradox where they find themselves caught between two competing worlds; on the one hand the need to the perfect employee or boss and on the other the need to be the perfect mum – on duty 24/7. But they are trapped a masculine orientation style where asking for help might make them appear weak, incapable, disposable, etc., and so, they often don’t ask, often taking on more responsibilities than they should to prove they are good enough and the consequence is, they burn themselves out.

Also, despite many women being brilliant in corporate work it is often mentally intensive. Being in your head doesn’t give you much time to connect regularly to you body and so, when those body signals arise you don’t make them priority for you; you may even discount or ignore them. Loosing intimate connections with your embodied wisdom means it becomes difficult to correctly interpret your body signals when things go wrong. We make decisions on our feelings, not our thoughts and so, when you can’t interpret your body signals correctly your ability to trust yourself and have the courage and confidence to make decisions becomes incredibility challenging. Failing to properly to interpret your body signals is what causes your stress because if you can’t trust yourself then you have no power and this is what makes you feel out of control. Therefore, it is crucial to have a system where you can learn to develop a strong relationship with your body because this the only way you can truly relax, safe in the knowing that you have your back.

And so, what would it be like to….

Have a baby that seamlessly fits into your schedule so you, get to quickly sleep all night through

Quietly sip you tea while other mums are complaining from lack of sleep, so happy you did what you needed to do

Have a child that laughs a lot, delightedly eats and sleeps well, they are the dream child to have

Take delight that you body has quickly returned back to normal without the need for a diet food plan

Sit in gratitude at the gift you have given yourself, it is yours as long as you want

Have your Wise Self present and with you always, so you are constantly filled with  Courage, Love and Light.

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Client testimonials:

Rachel and Caroline suffering with PTSD following a traumatic first birth.

Dear Sherine, I want to thank you for guiding me through one of the toughest situations of my life. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have done it without you. Also, a huge bonus to have it turned into such a positive experience that I know won’t leave any lasting feelings of stress despite the twists and turns. I feel very blessed to have met you – Love Rachael x

Thank you, Sherine, for all your help birthing Finn. Your presence was exactly what I was looking for. A woman wise to the nuts and bolts of birthing and who could hold me emotionally through the journey with encouragement and humour. That combination is priceless. With much gratitude – Caroline, Pete, Finn & Annabel x

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