Sovereign Way

breaking free From Imposter Syndrome

Do you Suffer With Imposter Syndrome?

Are you the world’s best kept secret, struggling always for your message to be heard?

Constantly over-check things, to make sure you’re perfect with every word

Frequently feel you’re on the outside looking in, wondering if you will ever belong

Stand alone all too often because that’s how, you made yourself strong


Get excited about new things, but the novelty doesn’t last

Distract yourself with little wins because the big jobs, seem too huge a task

Start your work close to deadlines because that’s when you best work gets done

Don’t participate because you’re worry you’ll be found out and so you, miss out on all life’s fun


You take on burdens big and small, you overload on too many tasks

You want to be relieved and share your burdens, but you’re too ashamed to ask

Find yourself procrastinating, secretly looking always for ways to hide

Yet, desperately are waiting for someone to discover you and take you outside this bind


Hi I am Sherine Lovegrove and I support professional women with Imposter Syndrome who are stressed, overwhelmed and depleted because they are terrified they’ll be found out that they’re “not perfect!”
Develop the mental resilience to Reclaim back Control, Reset their Relationship Dynamics and Recommit to Living Life on their terms, Authentically and Powerfully as their Perfectly Imperfect Self.  

70% of professional women will suffer with Imposter Syndrome in their lives

2/3 of them will quickly recover and 1/3 will take a lot longer to heal and some never do. 
Why is that? 
For the past 55 years I was in the latter 1/3 until I discovered how to successfully deal with my Imposter Syndrome 
Here is what I have Learnt about Imposter Syndrome and how I can help you Recover and Thrive

Why The Sovereign Way Works

The SW uses a combination of Transformation and Mental Fitness Coaching to Maximise Your Ability to Reach Your Highest  Potential 
It is a Co-creative Dynamic Process where together we Uncover Your Unique Solution to your problem that is, Individualised Specifically For You
Making it personal means we can directly target those bothersome neurological patterns and deal with them Once And For All
Research shows us that Sustained Long-Term Results relies on us changing our neurology 
Which means that You Must Change from the Inside-Out before any change can become permanent
You must become a ‘different person’ who Thinks, Speaks And Acts Differently
Essentially You need to Grow into a New You!


Imposter Syndrome affects every area of your life

Below are 8 Areas for Self-Actualisation that You Need to be Really Happy and Successful in your life. 
Go through each aspect and Give yourself a score from 1-10 (where 10 you have All of that Element in your daily life) eg. under Harmony if you can interrupt you thoughts 80% of the time But You Don’t Sleep Well Or Worry Then Score Yourself Below An 8/10. Total all your scores and if you have a score of 64/80 or below then You are not living your best life


You successfully are able to interrupt negative thoughts and install new thoughts 80% of the time. You can easily shift into a positive frame of mind when something unhelpful has happened. You a mainly calm and in control, sleep well at night and generally are always in a good mood. You have a positive outlook on life.


 You have a clear sense of what you are here for. You can see how how you fit in to the Divine Plan and how all of life has provided you with the exact tools through which you can help others. You have a sense of excitement and a deeply seated knowing that if you follow this course of action you will be successful and thrive.


You don’t worry about money. You  feel prosperous even in times of scarcity. You don’t hesitate to take the risks required financially, romantically, health wise, that will bring prosperity in the future. You know deep down that you are going to be ok. You are confident about using prior learning to support you through troubled times


You regularly make time to take care of yourself on a daily basis. You know that to FILL YOUR CUP FIRST means that you have plenty of energy over to give yourself and others. You have a deep and loving relationship with you body. You regularly check in and ask your body what it needs and you honour what it tells you it needs. 


You understand that ‘Energy Flows where Attention Goes’. So, where your thoughts go so do you. You are able to easily come up with new ideas and possibilities when things are tough. You can focus and hold attention well and not get easily distracted. You have plenty of will power and can easily SAY NO 


You are able to easily connect with people and create a relationship with them. You have a sense of what they need and how you can provide this for them. You understand that “we are not meant to do things alone” and so, you actively connect with power partners that will support you 


You see yourself successful in everything that you do. You praise yourself regularly and appreciate the gifts that you bring. You are open hearted and are able to celebrate others and champion their success even if, you are also looking towards those goals. You have a “We do it together Mindset”


You have a good relationship with a higher power and your Greater Self. You expect and anticipate that you are supported by the Universe and you trust that. You easily let go of things because you can place them in the hands of this higher power knowing that whatever happens it  is for your greater Learning  


So You Have Read Everything And You Want To Change 

And Yet Something is Holding You Back

I appreciate that change can be scary, goodness knows I have been there myself, but it doesn’t have to be 


Here are some testimonials from people I have helped


I have walked the paths with many women who have transformed their lives and I am in total awe of the determinate, courage and pure GRIT it took for them to dig deep and find their Unique Thread of Genius, their Special Gift which they were born to give it to the World.

Each of us have walked many paths towards our destiny but sadly, only a few women clearly see their destiny pathway at an early age. For most women it is hidden from us but there always comes a time when we feel the pull.

When you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated this is a signal that your “soul is calling you” to find your Unique Thread of Genius  and bring that forth to the world.

My job is to help you find your Unique Thread of Genius and help you plot a course to so that you can reach and fulfill your destiny calling.

My Commitment to YOU is this:

My Books were made for walking, and that is what they’ll do
Up hills and down deep valleys, I will walk alongside with you
I will Not Abandon you, I will Always Hold the Space
I will Always Support you, Champion and Amplify you so that,
YOU can find YOUR PLACE and Set the World on Fire

Are You Ready To Create The Life You Were Destined to Lead 

Let Go Of The Fears That Caused You To Emotionally Bleed 

Show Up Authentically Embracing Your Power 

And Love Living You Life as Your Perfect Imperfect Self

I would love to help you do this


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