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Consciously Creating A Gentle Birth
Consciously Creating A Gentle Birth

A major part of the Conscious Pregnancy System involves using the well-known The Gentle Birth Method, developed Dr. Gowri Motha OBGyn. It is a holistic therapeutic approach that is designed specific for pregnancy and birth. At its core, the method focuses on preparing a pregnant woman to be Birth Fit, because the level of your Birth Fitness will lead to greatest possibility of you having a successful and happy birth experience.

Birth Taken for Granted

Birth has often been considered as just a natural process which it is why historically, so many business have failed to adequately meet the needs of pregnant women. Women themselves, haven’t always truly cherished this wonderful process in all its glory. Schools are actively discouraged from talking about sex or procreation. There is this circumstance called pregnancy that happens but society doesn’t want to put sexual at the forefront of all adolescent education. Strange since we are creating the people for the future.

Also, people often get excited about pregnancy and if you are young you may not worry too much about the effects. Most of the women I see are mature mothers or 2nd time birther who wants to have a better and more fulling pregnancy journey this time around. They have felt the loss of attention once the baby was born, experienced birth complications, trauma, “Bounce-Back Syndrome”, drop in confidence and self-esteem. When the outside world or your inner critic is telling you to” “buck-up”, regain your figure, become your old self, go back to your old routines of ignore looking after yourself, giving 24/7 to your family, no wonder women get depressed overwhelmed and anxious.

Historically treating pregnancy has had the primary focus has been on alleviating symptoms and not seeing things systemically as a whole. However, health requires more than fixing. It requires collaboration between you and your body and in the case of pregnancy, you baby too.

Grasping the magnificence and the enormity of what happen throughout your body during pregnancy.

Your whole body needs to change to make sure that your baby gets what it needs to grow healthy and well and what you need to stay fit and healthy. In my previous blog on gestational diabetes I mention about your uterus growing to more than 400x its size at birth or that your blood plasma volume and cardiac output increase by 50%. Alone these are massive changes without the baby putting pressure on the organs as it grows. Organs although the body are flexible and soft however, they are location specific and when they get moved or displaced it causes stress to that organ. Hormones and other biochemicals are released to keep the body ins a stable situation.

However, the fact is pregnancy does take its toll on the body, but because nature has evolved to quickly adapts to this process it often can appear fairly seamless. Nevertheless, for an increasing number of high-functioning working women who are constantly under pressure and stress, having an easy pregnancy can be rather challenging.

Letting Go of the “One Size fits All” Approach to Medicine

Women’s bodies are vastly different from men and with these differences comes huge potential to carry and birth life as well as perform many of the tasks men can. Unfortunately, in the patriarchal societies that most women have grown up in women’s health hasn’t been truly researched or celebrated. Most medicine has been a “one-size fits all” model whilst not taking into account the vast differences in the hormonal profile of women. Men are more stable hormonal wise but women go through cyclical changes, even during pregnancy. And so, when women can truly appreciate the magnificence of their body, listen to their own rhythms and work intuitively with it, they get to claim the ultimate bliss of having a body that is highly adaptable and resilient in the change process.

What does an optimal pregnancy look like:

An optimal pregnancy is when you feel confident empowered in your ability to give birth. You consciously makes choices that support yourself and your child, ensuring the fulfilment of all your needs. Because your body feels comfortable, flexible and strong you don’t experience much of the pregnancy discomforts. Moreover, you eat foods that help your to feel vibrant and alive. You make self care your number one priority in life. If you were to be seen from the back you would not look pregnant. From the front, your baby would lie lower down in your abdomen. You would wouldn’t be putting on more weight than is optimal since your digestive system would be working optimally.  

Why is this important?

All the evidence suggests that babies born for mothers that felt in control and safe during her pregnancy and birth are calmer, happier, more successful, resilient and anti-fragile. Pregnancy is also, the only time you have the most control over your baby’s brain since there is not other external influence but you. It is an optimum opportunity to lay down good neurological and emotional foundation for your baby.

While your baby is in your womb and everything is stable, your baby stays relatively safe. However, for a vaginal birth your baby needs easy access through the birth canal and any restrictions here will leave a trace memory of trauma. Every natural delivery the baby will experience some restriction however your body and your baby adapt, to make restriction minimal as is possible. For you, it does this by softening your pelvic muscles and ligaments so that the birth canal can go wider and be more flexible and for your baby, there is a space between skull bones so they can move without putting pressure or damaging the brain.

Most working mothers face many challenges which may stress them out. Stress in the body causes metabolic changes and so, often their gut isn’t functioning at an optimum. Leaky-gut syndrome often happens which can result in swelling in the tissues, muscles, ligaments of the pelvis and abdomen, making restrictions much more likely. Moreover, with the increase in complicated pregnancies, birth trauma for both mum and baby becomes much more likely.

We see pregnancy as a Wholly Integrated System where mum and baby collaboratively work together as nature designed.  Our job is to work with you to create the ideal support that you need to have a successful  pregnancy journey. 

Key aspects for Consciously Creating a Space for Gentle Birthing include:

  1. Empowerment and Control

It is important that you perceive your birth experience positively, regardless of the outcome. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the possibility that you may need a caesarean or forceps delivery, since controlling of all variables with in the birth process isn’t possible. However, if you feel empowered and in control you will know, that you will always make the best decisions for you and your baby. It won’t matter how difficult those problems are or what the outcome was. Learning to develop a deep sense of trust and confidence in yourself you become a fierce warrior for yourself and your child. We use pregnancy coaching, hypnosis and guided visualisations to help bring a deep sense of confidence, peace and harmony that will sustain you, long after the birth.

  • Food as Medicine

It is important that we consider that food is our body’s natural medicine for healthy living. Increasing evidence now suggests that proper nutrition is crucial for yours and baby’s health and wellbeing. We live in a world that is very industrialised which means that all our food is contaminated to some degree. Our food isn’t pure anymore and so, your body not only must deal with the increased demand because you are pregnant but it must deal with these contaminants too. This can make it very challenging for your body and so, we recommend that the foods you eat is more simple and natural. This makes it easier for your body to digest it. A good way to work with the body is to eat according to your body type such as in Ayurvedic Medicine. Here your whole body food system is taken into account. You will be given foods that not only nourishes and supports your physical wellbeing it will also help you tap into your those deep spiritual levels.

  • Dietary Guidance:

We offer support and guidance on transitioning to a wheat-free diet. Everyone is different and so, depending on how your body is coping we tailor it to meet your needs. Although, when you get the hang of it you will really see the difference in a very short time.

  • Glucose Intolerance

Many pregnant women show symptoms of gluten intolerance during their pregnancy such as, swollen feet and hands, pregnancy-related diabetes, high blood pressure, backache, headaches and bigger babies. These symptoms are thought to be related to the body’s slower digestion during pregnancy and the stickiness of gluten. Dr Gowri found that her clients with coeliac disease seemed to have much easier pregnancy and births. Coeliac patients cannot eat gluten as it sticks the gut together, making food difficult to digest. By simply having pregnant women eliminate products containing gluten helped many of them feel lighter and more flexible. We recommend, avoiding wheat and gluten products, especially in the weeks leading up to birth.

  1. Fasting

There isn’t much research done on Fasting in Pregnancy and yet, many Muslim women do that naturally. Evidence now shows that so long as certain measures are put in place fasting can be a safe and natural way to increase your energy, keep your blood sugars at an optimal and help with stem-cell production and healing. If you fast already and you would like to continue doing so during your pregnancy we have got you. Remember gentleness all the way!

  1. Body Therapies

Body therapies are used to energetically prepare and train your body. Almost any therapy that works systemically can be incorporated into the program. However, we specifically use reflexology, biofeedback and creative healing treatments. Creative Healing is an organ specific massage that is used to activate and drain the organs thereby, removing any blocks or toxic residue. This is the most common treatment given.

  1. Individualised Treatment Regimes

The frequency of treatments varies depending on the stage of pregnancy and your condition. Depending on how you are managing treatments usually occur every two weeks between 12 and 36 weeks, and then weekly from 36 weeks until birth. If you had treatments before you were pregnant we can just continue. 

  • Involvement with Birth Partners

Birth partners or friends are encouraged to attend classes and/or be present in some of the treatments supplement. There is a DVD of creative healing massage techniques that can purchased so treatments can also be supplemented at home.

  • Postpartum Treatments

Postpartum treatments are recommended to help restore your organs back to their correct positions. This will involve mainly abdominal work and pelvic lifts. The reason is that after giving birth, you will still have a bulky uterus and displaced organs from baring down during your birth. We need to get your organs back to where they should be before your baby starts getting bigger. It is also important that if in labour, you bared down hard before then having to go on and have a caesarean section or forceps you still need this corrective treatment


Part of preparing is the understanding that during your pregnancy, your body undergoes many adaptations to accommodate for your growing baby. As it grows, your baby displaces your internal organs to make space for itself. Displaced organs stress the body a little and therefore it needs to work a little harder to maintain an optimal functionality. Nature helps the process seamless by giving time for the foetus to develop and so, most women have minimal discomfort during pregnancy. Nevertheless, it seems that for many high functioning working mothers these adaptive changes became notably problematic.

Some Final Thoughts

  1. Question: Why is it important for pregnant women to perceive their birth experience positively, even if they cannot control all the variables in the birthing process?
    • Answer: Perceiving the birth experience positively empowers women to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies, fostering a deep sense of trust and confidence. Regardless of the outcome, this positivity can have lasting effects on a mother’s emotional well-being.
  2. Question: How does nutrition play a crucial role in pregnancy, and why is it recommended to avoid wheat and gluten products, especially in the weeks leading up to birth?
    • Answer: Proper nutrition is vital for the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. Avoiding wheat and gluten products can be beneficial as it may improve digestion and reduce discomfort, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.
  3. Question: What is the significance of recognizing the differences between women’s and men’s bodies, particularly in terms of hormonal profiles, during pregnancy?
    • Answer: Understanding these differences can help women appreciate the magnificence of their bodies and work intuitively with their unique rhythms. It allows them to tap into their body’s adaptability and resilience, ultimately enhancing the pregnancy experience.
  4. Question: How does an optimal pregnancy look, and why is it important for both the mother and the baby’s long-term well-being?
    • Answer: An optimal pregnancy involves feeling confident, empowered, and comfortable throughout the journey. Prioritizing self-care, nutrition, and emotional well-being can lead to minimal discomfort and a healthier overall experience. Research suggests that babies born under these conditions tend to be calmer, happier, and more resilient.
  5. Question: Why are postpartum treatments, such as abdominal work and pelvic lifts, recommended, and how do they contribute to a smoother transition after giving birth?
    • Answer: Postpartum treatments help restore organs to their correct positions and address issues caused by the displacement of organs during pregnancy and labour. This corrective treatment can aid in a quicker recovery and support a mother’s well-being as she cares for her newborn.


How can I message you?

If you have any questions, feedback, or need further assistance, you can easily message me through the contact form on my website. I strive to respond promptly to all inquiries and look forward to connecting with you!

What services do you offer?

As a Pregnancy and Infertility coach, I specialize in helping professional women to navigate the challenges they experience on their pregnancy journey. I help them reclaim control by providing them with a safe, non-judgmental space where they can openly express their feelings, fears, frustrations and be empowered to confidently create a safe, nurturing and loving environment for themselves and their unborn child. On the physical front I help your body reset and re-balance through other alternative practices.

My passion lies in empowering women to effect sustainable, positive changes in their lives. To achieve this, I employ a diverse range of transformational tools that help in the release of trauma, PTSD, grief, and loss, particularly those stemming from their primary mother wound. Together, we embark on a journey of growth and healing, inspiring each individual to find solutions that ensure a healthier and more fulfilling pregnancy experience.

Can anyone benefit from your coaching programs?

Absolutely! While my specialization is in tailored to working with professional women who are focused on issues surrounding pregnancy the primary trauma that most women and men experience is a the collect mother wound. My coaching programs and healing books are designed to benefit any individual, especially women, seeking to overcome trauma, heal deep wounds, and create a positive impact on their lives.

What is the best way to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth?

To understand that although nature has provided you the physical body to grow and nurture a child, it is so much more. We are moving into a rapidly evolving world where high-level mental capacity is desired for the success of our children but that is challenging them greatly. Pregnancy is the only time when you can lay the bio-neurological structures without any other external influence. So what you do here can begin making the biggest difference to your child’s future. By intentionally being present, honouring and nourishing yourself and your baby you give yourselves the greatest gift of all. Many people have body therapies because they “don’t want” to do the mental work. I understand that and so, please don’t get me wrong they are invaluable but if you don’t bring consciousness to the table then the changes you make are only temporary.

Are your coaching programs tailored for specific individuals?

Yes, my coaching programs are personalized to cater to the unique needs and goals of each individual. Whether you a want coaching for reasons such as improving relationships, spiritual connection, optimising health or seeking healing from the Mother Wound, I will work closely with you to design a program that aligns with your desires and aspirations and which will result in personal growth.

How can I stay updated on your offerings and events?

To stay informed about my coaching programs, trauma healing books, and upcoming events, you can subscribe to my newsletter on the website. By joining the mailing list, you’ll receive regular updates, exclusive content, and early access to any new releases or offerings.

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