Working with Sherine was a positive experience. She was wise and knowledgeable, and generous in sharing with her knowledge, as well as considerate and reliable. I found that we quickly created a safe and supportive relationship from which to explore. Her humanity and compassion shone throughout.

I felt better after a course of EMDR with her, more in the present and connected to myself, as well as more forgiving, rather than being bogged down by remembering upsetting past events, having unwanted thoughts and self-blaming. I recommend her without reserve – Mary-Claire Wilson

“After going through several very traumatic events I reached out to Sherine. I was in crisis and Sherine helped me navigate it and and come out the other end repaired. We did EMDR therapy and I learned a ton about myself and was able to heal through the process. I am very grateful that I found Sherine and would highly recommend her.” – Ethan Gill (Find A Therapy)

Dear Sherine,

I wanted to thank you for the therapy sessions received that have changed that way I saw myself for many years (self image as well as self confidence and being happy within oneself) and they way I thought about food.

You have helped me tremendously to understand my eating disorder and other issues that at first I was unaware of and how they all relate to each other.

I have learnt about the image my brain created regarding my physical appearance and through the therapy we have worked together to shift that image into the real one.

Regarding my eating disorder, I have learnt to recognise the triggers and the moments when those triggers kicked in and made me feel that I  needed to make myself sick. Through the therapy I have learnt different strategies to stop, think and act positively “yes I can” against making myself sick.

” I am and I can” has helped me to understand and respond to situations when my self confidence have been dropped and I am a happier person within myself and my body. You have facilitated me with strategies to deal with friends, family and work colleagues.

It’s been so easy to work with you because every session you could “read me” and adapt the sessions to what I needed. I had always felt relieved, relaxed and ready to move to the next step after each session.

Thank you very much for all your help – Marta Bayon

“After an unblemished sickness history I experienced two episodes of sudden onset ill health in a three month period. Although I have been extensively and all tests are clear, I have been having symptoms associated with anxiety and difficulty sleeping . This was affecting my work and personal life. I approached Sherry because of her clinical background and diverse knowledge and experience in the therapies. I spent an afternoon with her she felt the EMDR would be the therapy best suited for me. This helped identify the triggers bringing on my symptoms. This was a painful process but also one of release.

Throughput the process Sherine ensured that I was comfortable with the journy. She then worked on ensuring that I get the process right. She gave me coping strategies. I have been doing EMDR and meditating which have helped with sleeping. I am also learning how to manage my workload which was also a trigger resulting in my feeling overwhelmed.

She has kept in contact to check my journey’s progress.” – Marcella Stock (Find A Therapy)

“Sherine is a very skilled therapist who was able to very quickly get to the root causes of my anxiety. Using a combination of talking therapy, hypnosis and EMDR she helped me to feel better in the space of a few weeks. ” – Jackie Stapley (Find A Therapy)

“I had an excellent hypnotherapy regression session with Sherine, who was excellent at identifying what to work on and carried out the session professionally with compassion and care. I gained a lot from working with her and highly recommend her.” Nina Ashby – (Find A Therapy)

Sherine is a warm and friendly therapist and extremely knowledgeable. Her ability to use various treatment modalities means she works at healing at body mind and spirit.
My treatments with her have been very effective and kickstarted a new direction in my own work. Sheila Balgobin (Facebook)

I had a strategy meeting with Sherine to implement a health programme that would help me to increase my energy, exercise more often and also lose a little bit more weight. Having worked in the medical field Sherine was able to give me a greater insight into to how my medical condition and how it has directly impacted on my energy levels over time.

Sherine is very approachable, empathetic and I feel very safe in her hands knowing that she understands my needs. Sherine has an integrated approach in the way that she helps people and I have become clearer on how all my organ systems in the body work together for the greater whole. I have also acquired a deeper knowledge on how the body works as an energetic system and that food, is about releasing energy that can enable the body to live and also to thrive.

Thank you Sherine. – Anna Stapleton (Facebook)

Sherine is an excellent therapist. She takes the time to discover just what you need help with and then is able to work out a proper plan of action. I love her caring nature and would recommend her to any one of my friends in need of help. – Brenda L. Schwarzbach (Facebook)

Sherine helped me as a therapist quite a lot a few years ago. I was trying to relax and she used her skills in hypnotherapy and NLP to help me. I benefited from her treatment a great deal. – Baris Celioglu (LinkedIn)

I had persistent headaches for a number of years and knew that there was a psychological element to it. I had seen doctors, tried acupuncture and craniosacral therapy to not much effect and had to take painkillers more or less every day for years. A few sessions with Sherine helped me to understand what was happening and within a month I stopped taking painkillers. Her treatment was a revelation and would recommend it to anyone in a similar circumstance – Henry Greenwood (LinkedIn)

I found Sherine a unique practitioner with a really impressive array of different tools to help you come to terms and overcome challenges. I loved being able to tackle my challenges from different angles and switch tools depending on where I was in my own process. I personally thoroughly reccomend Sherine. – Ronan Leyden (LinkedIn)

Sherine is an experienced therapist / practitioner who has a wealth of different modalities/tools that she uses during her therapy sessions. I went to see Sherine during a difficult time in my life when I was experiencing a lot of turmoil in my internal world. Her down to earth, non-judgemental approach really helped me to pull through and come out the other side in a better place. I highly recommend Sherine as a therapist.– Hilary Bradford (LinkedIn)

When I met Sherine, I was in a very toxic and rather abusive time in my life which eroded much of my confidence and self image. Sherine helped me to see how many events in my life had brought me to that place, as well as allowing me to discover a much stronger, confident and self-loving person within myself. She always knows exactly the right questions to ask, or offer the tools I need, so that I may see the positive steps that I need to take, which are often before me. No matter how I may have felt upon entering her office, I always feel better when I leave. I could never thank her enough.  – Brendan Hayes (LinkedIn)