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Imposter Syndrome

70% of professional women will suffer with Imposter Syndrome at some point in their lives, 2/3 of them will quickly recover and 1/3 don’t may never heal. Imposter Syndrome is caused by a deep fear that you are “not good enough” and so, you shift you sense of valuable on what you do rather than who you are. So to become valuable you must be perfect, otherwise you can’t be valuable.

Here are some ways in which perfectionism shows up:

1. You pride yourself on being a superwoman who can juggle multiple tasks, get things quickly sorted very quickly but you tend to take on too much and so, when the load gets heavy you have difficulty asking for help.

2. You must know everything before you start something new or you have to get everything right first time and so you often give in early or you just don’t try and so, the consequence is that you don’t take imperfect action and life often hurries you by.

3. You’re like the “flitterati” who is constantly chasing new and brighter things such as qualifications and courses and get easily distracted when things don’t work out as you expect. You even fool yourself into believing that this is important for your career and you are good at juggling many tasks and you like that, but when you want to single out a career, you realise that you have become a “Jack of all Trades and a Master of None”. You have breadth of experience but no depth to grab hold of.

It is call the “Thief of Time” problem and it is soul destroying especially when you look back and see what it is that you have done. I know this well because I did this myself for so many years. But, let’s be clear here this is not your fault – you developed these strategies as a self-protection mechanism because you were rewarded for “doing” rather than “being” as many women have, in the world. So, you didn’t have the right role models to model and to be fair, many of the women that have held powerful positions have tended to use a masculine orientation style. So, women weren’t aware of the need to integrate who they are as the centre core of what they do.

However, not fully accepting yourself as the Beautiful Perfectly Imperfect Human that you are is the reason you have struggled for so long. You didn’t develop a deep and nurturing relationship with yourself; one where you could implicitly trust in your deeper knowing and so, you got lost. Therefore, a key part of our work together will involve your reacquainting yourself with your North Star so you can see, your full value, your unique thread of genius, which is your gift to give to the world.

Your one and only real job here on this earth, is to become the powerful creator that truly you and Become the Full Expression of Yourself as a Self-actualised woman.

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Client testimonials:

I came to Sherine for coaching after getting to know her through the daily meditation she had so generously provided throughout the lockdown and beyond. My mental health was taking quite a dip, Sherine noticed and was very supportive and empathic which enabled me to feel a level of comfortableness and trust that I could engage really quickly in the sessions. Throughout our session I was able to access many insights which lead to improvements in my wellbeing and healing. I felt so much better both mentally and physically throughout these sessions and as my mental health improved, I was able to pick-up things I had been struggling with and putting off. This included; completing a final post-course piece of work which I needed to gain a qualification; overcoming presentation anxiety and producing a video talk I’d been commissioned to do on suicide awareness; improved my confidence and interview skills. This increased confidence has flowed into my business with new planning for growth and development. I would whole heartedly recommend Sherine and her coaching programme. ~ Jenny Edwards Counsellor & Supervisor in Private Practice

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