With the gentlest of rustles a snake rose high up above the grass in front of me, halting my singing. I was transfixed by the stillness, the compelling beauty of the mamba, with its olive brown skin glistening in the warm Zambian sun and its piercing dark round eyes closely watching my every move.
     Why didn’t I jump up and run? Why didn’t I scream? My parents were close by and yet, I sat there transfixed because something had told me not to move and instead play a little. Very slowly I began to sway sideways, moving left and right as though in an intimate dance. Surprisingly, the snake mirrored my very movement, never blinking, just kept watching me intently.
     Even at 7-years-old, looking into the eyes of a deadly snake I knew that I had to act on a different wisdom which was, to stay curious and calm. It was just me and this beautiful creature locked in a moment in time. This precious exchange ended as the snake chose to depart with the onset of my brother’s footsteps approaching.
     The African landscape and its animals informed me about the golden thread that runs through all existence and how everything and nothing is woven together. It gave me the stage to practise making connections with all things and I got to recognise the truth – everything is One. 

     Looking back I can see how this has influenced every aspect of my life both professionally and personally. How I always sought to get to the heart of what would make things better, always attempting to reconnect that which was disconnected and bring it back into the whole. So it was no surprise that I went into a healing profession and I was fortunate to work in the biggest hospital in Southern Africa. Here I developed a fundamental understanding of the relationship between cause and effect and why it is so important to heal at the source. This core belief underscores everything that I do.
     England called and I responded and the moment I landed I knew I had come home. Career wise things were changing as my mind now opened to new potentialities. I became captivated by the field of alternative health and having come from a family that didn’t show their emotions much I craved to touch and be touched. So, I started my alternative journey first learning massage and reflexology which I enthusiastically used on my patients in the hospital that I was working in. I found that by giving concentrated treatment sessions created profound healing effects for patients which further validated this was a right path for me to explore. 

     Also, I always had a deep love for understanding the mind and emotions and so very quickly turned towards studying NLP, Hypnotherapy and EMDR, a form of trauma therapy. I recognised everyone holds within themselves a holographic ecosystem, which functions collectively and intimately as a whole.
     Always wanting to know more, I received a 1st class degree in psychology at 50-years of age and four years later I completed my masters in cognitive neuroscience. Currently I am in the throes of finishing my PhD in Quantum Integrated Medicine. This is strengthening one of my superpowers, being a synthesiser of knowledge. I can easily bring together multiple threads from different healing paradigms and can succinctly communicate those concepts to others. 
     Some of my greatest life’s blessings are that I met the love of my life, Andy here in the UK and we have been together 26-years and are still going strong. He is my rock whom I turn to when I need support. I have a career which I love and which brings me great joy and I have written two best seller books that I am proud of. 
     However, it wasn’t always easy, life also gave me some hard lessons with which to navigate. The most painful one was giving up on the possibility of ever being a mother. This held me in the depths of despair for many years, although people wouldn’t have guessed. You see, I was rather good at hiding my feelings, putting on a happy face, deflecting away from myself that even my partner was fooled for a while. I also had two failed businesses partnerships which I heavily invested in time, money and energy but eventually, I had to walk away with nothing and start all over again, twice! 
     So where am I today.
     I can say that I have taken the reins and am in command of my life. It wasn’t an easy thing to do because I didn’t know that I had Imposter Syndrome, until I wrote my second book. Only then I became brutally aware of how my old stories were playing out in my life and why despite being a therapist I didn’t see this. I guess this is all about “if you are in it, it is hard to see outside it”. This is why we need a coach when we want to transform ourselves. Thankfully, I sought help and successfully brought all my disconnected parts back home. I took command as my Sovereign Self.

     Now my focus is on helping every human being become Sovereign, especially women with Imposter Syndrome. I want for them to have a life that they were always destined to have, one which is healthy, abundant, happy and divine. This can only happen when we fully embody our Whole Self.

My Name's Meaning

Our name gives us an indication of our Purpose as we delve deeper we find the gems within – Here is a video of My Name and what it represents for me.

My Logo's Meaning

My logo underscores three fundamental principles of my work; go to the source (red), find the thread (gold) that runs through everything and bring into harmony (green) that which disagrees. Have a listen and find out how it all unfolded. 


When there is one thought, one mind and a body are fully aligned, we experience what it is to be Sovereign. Sovereignty is that supreme state of self-awareness where we draw directly from our source and access our unlimited creative state, at will. This is the ultimate purpose of humanity.