The Sovereign Way Coaching Programs


We are living live in a time where women have risen beyond they have ever been before. We are more powerful, successful and conscious and yet, many women still experience feelings of powerlessness, even helplessness to create what we most deeply yearn for. Research shows that on average many women are not thriving; they are less happy, more depressed and unhealthy than they have ever been.

Tis IS out of kilter with what we would expect from a shift in our evolutionary human potentials.

The adoption of a masculine-style orientation towards how we work and operate in the world without integrating what is  uniquely given to all women, our closeness in listening to our intuitions, our dreams and our connection to our source energy meant that many women lost access to their innate Feminine Navigation System or Feminine SATNAV. A system which is led by a deeper inner knowing that connects us to something so much bigger than ourselves which is steered through the desires and yearnings of the Heart.

Thus the Sovereign Way focuses primarily on reconnecting you back to this powerful Feminine Guidance System so that, you are firmly based in your core. Now you can feel into every decision and take actions that are completely right for you.

Our soul’s purpose is to Self-actualise and this can only happen when we Become the Full Expression of Ourselves

And when we bring together the Creator (that which made us and continues to do so) and the Creation (Our embodied self) we feel TRULY HAPPY.

And deep down, isn’t seeking HAPPINESS really what life is all about! 

The Self-Actualisation Wheel

An mnemonic of HAPPINESS that I created is a good way to understand exactly how happiness works is really created.

Happiness is really dependent on How A Powerful Person simultaneously Interrupts Negative (and Installs New) Experiences Super Successfully


When you over-think things and evaluate them as negative experiences that you are most likely to feel bad, angry and a whole bunch of other negative emotions


If you think of happy things then you are happy content and at peace.

Therefore, one of the first things we will do is to explore where you are on the Self-actualisation wheel because that it will give us an idea where to tap so that, you get the best chances of achieving your desires and yearnings. When we deal with one area, because they are all connected energetically it often catalyses change in other areas.


Sovereign Woman Total Immersion 6 Month Program


This Program is tailored to help you re-connect to your BIG WHY – why you are here and what it is that you must do. Many of us live our entire life in an old story which if it unchecked, causes us to loose connection with ourselves, our dreams, our purpose and we’re left feeling powerless to live fully our potential.

Thus, it becomes crucial that in order for you to be successful that you remodel a new neurological foundation that will support. And so, just like a baby that needs to learn to walk and talk so do you – You literally are taking steps to ‘Re-BE-ing’ you.

The Sovereign Way is designed to safely, deliberately and co-creatively rebirth the NEW YOU into existence.




To Become A Successful Powerful Creator We Must Have A Clear Pathway And The Structure In Place To Achieve That

Here Are The Three Key Steps That We Will Be Taking To Get You there.

RECONNECTING YOU is about re-orientating back towards your deepest desires and yearnings. Here we get really clear about your vision and what it will be like, to have your vision materialised. Your essence is your unique gift you bring to the world. Only you can do you because every experience you’ve had has given you an embodied learning that is unique to you. Thus it is potentially a highly valuable commodity which you can share.

RECLAIMING YOU focus specifically on taking back your Sovereign Power. We will be focusing on three aspects:

Ø  Developing your Self-Command Neural Pathways (Mental Muscle) to increase your capacity for resilience and stamina so that you can effectively deal with any difficulties for the ways ahead.

Ø  Interrupt your Judge, that ‘internal critical’ voice which is running the show. Learning how to immediately interrupt and neutralise our Judge Saboteur puts us firmly IN CHARGE and NOT them

Ø  Up-regulating your Wise Sovereign, helps bring her constantly into your  awareness so you can become a powerful co-creator and of your life.

This is part of the Mental Fitness Program (See below)


Also, no long having to use energy to fight the constant judging or criticism, the extra can be now harnessed to catapult you forward towards your vision. There is a deep knowing you are on track and you can relax and walk YOUR SOVEREIGN WAY as you were always destined to.

RE-COMMITTING to a pathway of SOVEREIGN MASTERY is where long-standing changes are made. Here we fine-tune Your Divine Blueprint so that, your vision can pull you towards it. It is about Ease and Flow, like a ship you are steered forward as you elegantly course correct as you go. Thus you are the best version of yourself, on a daily basis.

 Many women look outside themselves to validate who they are, but that is never sustainable. The truth is, we are the co-creators in everyone of our experience, even if we are not aware of the contribution we are co-creating. We are always in charge of the unfolding of how we experience and live our reality and so, nothing is being done to us, it is how we are responding which is causing our pain or our pleasure.

Thus by working together, day by day, week by week, you are going to build up a toolbox of skills and strategies that will help you build unstoppable confidence and self-belief in yourself, your abilities, self-worth. This bedrock of unshakable confidence that will support you in every aspect of your life. 

You will so learn how to speak up for yourself, ask for what you need and set boundaries where you may have not done before. More importantly, you will trust your innate Feminine Wisdom and stand firmly in your decisions and prioritise yourself, like ever before.

And having all of this in place, you will be able to fully appreciate and value your gifts that you bring knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH at every level of you being

Mental Fitness Coaching

  • Please note: This program is included in the Sovereign Way Total Immersion 6 Month Program
  • This program follows a dual track learning style:
  • Coaching with me and Building Mental Your Muscle Fitness Muscles using the Positive Intelligence App.



Week 1-Taking Back Control

Increasing capacitance to boost your self-command muscles. Develop confidence through simple exercises that interrupt mindless wandering that spills into negative thinking


Week 2-Enter the Judge Saboteur

Identifying you inner Judge and learn how your Judge lies to you, causing havoc in your business, relationships and health

Week 3-Misery likes Company

Identify the nine Accomplice Saboteurs that work alongside the judge to help bring you down.

Week 4-Shifting into Sage

Stepping into your Power by discovering and inviting in your  “Peaceful Warrior, the perfect counterbalance to dealing with the Judge and its accomplices

Week 5-Sage Gifts to Freedom

Learn and embody the 3 Gifts and 5 Sage Powers that will change your life forever

Week 6-Take a leap of Faith

Deepening the practice, learn additional tools to open innovation and blocked mindsets

Week 7-Reassess and Complete

Journey into the future to embody your future self and set a course of action that is aligned with that deeper truth

Week 8-Grow into a New You

Beginning a new course of action outside the program – next steps