My entire working career has involved Health Optimisation in some form or other. My career started in nursing where I eventually specialised in midwifery and intensive care.  In 1997 moved into complementary medical field where I specialised in several body-mind modalities. Having grounding in both medical and complementary fields ensures that I can offer my clients a wholly integrated approach .

At my core,  I am the proverbial student, always seeking to know more. I obtained my psychology degree from Birkbeck Collee, University of London at the young age of 50 years and my masters in cognitive neurosciences and neuropsychology two years later.  Moreover, I am currently studying for my doctorate in Integrated Medicine .

I have a dream that Complementary Medicine will be accepted as an integral part within main-stream medicine, and not merely be an adjunct to it.

For this to happen it would involve a very different mind-set to what is currently in operation today. However, I think a start might be that as human beings we MUST remember that we are powerful beings, and that all healing is inherent within us. Even doctors would agree that medications mearly operates within our healing mechanism abiulites – our body is doing the healing not the medication. So wouldn’t it make sense that if we could promote healing mechanisms to be more consistent and self-sustaining – then this might be a good thing?

I agree, that to do this it would involve us moving into a completely differnt state of Consciousness, then we have been. I believer, that we would have to starting by believing that the impossible can happen. And not only that, that we it can make it happen frequently.

On a more personal note,  other than my partner whom I love dearly and walking mountains, my absolute love, is helping people to transform their lives so that they can create a new state of being.

This can be simply from being able to permanently change a difficult behaviour or where a person is able to permanently heals themselves from a terminal or chronic illness.

I am so excited that science is catching up with ancient wisdoms that are leading us into a world of new and infinite possibilities that few ever conceived of or even believed was possible 10-15 years ago.

I am also proud have authored authored a book,  “The Aha Moment” which is the story of how I changed an eating behaviour to loose weight and have kept the weight off easily and effortlessly.  In the book I outline the ICAN® Model, which is a 4-step approach that people need to achieve that directly encourage transformational shifts in the brain’s neurology. When we experience these transformational moments, it potentiates the ability for us to break habits FOREVER. I am immensely proud of this accomplishment.

Many of my clients I see on a 1-to-1 basis for coaching and therapy. However, I also deliver trainings and workshops in self-development, stress management, intuitive decision making, self-hypnosis, Stephenson’s Creative Healing Massage and Cosmodic Training, the latter training with a colleague Vivienne Constad.

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