Currently the Corporate world is not Conducive to Fostering Self-Care and Nourising.

I want to change that!

 The other evening I was having a conversation with some women from the corporate world and the question I asked them was “what were the challenges they faced when they first decided on starting a family”. I specifically wanted to focus on their whole journey so from the moment they decided to get pregnant all the way through to after they returned back to work. I was not surprised by the answers the gave me but I was deeply saddened that we are still so lacking in how to really help women thrive.


And what really came into presence was the constant comparatives these beautiful powerful women have to live within such as, being a mother and a professional woman in a world that doesn’t correlate

So for example: The Issue of Guilt

Mothers that need or want to return to work feel very guilty for wanting something for themselves versus desiring greatly be the best mother they can be for their child


Because those two worlds seem so diametrically opposed they struggled find yet a way to unite them. This caused anxiety, fear, worry, stress, etc.


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Then there is the shift in identity from

“Who I AM” as a corporate woman to “Who I AM” as a mother and are caught between being “Who they Must Be” in order to do their job rather than “Being Fully Themselves”


And last but not least,

Corporate paradigms are often counterintuitive to environments that facilitate self-care and nourishing since they are based mainly on a “push or thrust” paradigm.

These contexts are driven through self-doubt, adversarial or aggressive competitiveness, nationalism between departments, etc., which result in lack of safety and belonging experienced in those with “lesser power” and which are highly indicated in fostering Imposter Syndrome. And because women are striving to be better, get on top of everything, prove themselves worthy like many men do they often shift into adopting a masculine orientation operating style which can seriously hurt women, if they are not careful.

Just to name some of the very real fears for women living inside this constant comparative paradigm are:
  1. Identity Re-adjustment Uncertainty is the shift away from their corporate identity, something they highly value into a motherhood one. Many mothers don’t really take time to integrate this new identity and what it means for them before they take maternity leave. So many working women stay working, full tilt right up to maternity leaving date and this puts untold stress on their bodies. Evidence shows that pregnancy distress leads to greater health complications for both mother and baby in the immediacy but what is becoming even more evidenced is the adverse neuro-developmental changes that occur in children born from distressed pregnant mums.
  2. Return to Work Uncertainty where they worry or fear where they will have had a “year out” on maternity leave and may feel they have possibly deskilled a little or that the environment has changed and so, there is possibly a lot of catching up, having to prove themselves all over again, fear they will they be sidelined because they now have other commitments.
  3. Fertility Delays where women have decided to delay starting a family because they want to establish themselves first in the hopes of accumulating a greater financial net before taking time off work. With the delay and the added stress so common in a striving world they are positioned to be in immediate risk to experience infertility issues. Furthermore if they are not pregnancy ready they will be challenged during this time.

So How do we Resolve this Problem: 

There needs to be fundamental key shifts in beliefs and values structure from the prospective of both women and corporate bodies towards seeing a much higher vision.

From the Perspective Shift in Vision for Women: 
A shift away from the duality paradigm of “I have to give up on something I value doing” to a bigger more powerful vision of “having a child is a powerful purpose in its own right”. Moreover to embody and have the deeper awareness that they can serve multiple purposes at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive. They are a corporate women and a mum – there is no dichotomy
 From the Perspective Shift in Vision for Corporate Bodies:
To truly integrate and align towards the wholeness of what the word corporation means – the embodiment of all its members, each with their own vision to creatively serve the bigger whole. And how they do this is by aligning towards a bigger and more expansive vision that extends outwards to how future generations will carry on its legacy.

Because the truth is

All Corporate bodies are in the “busy-ness” of creating value for people. After all it is people it is people that use their products. Certainly machines or animals can’t use it or need it!

We are moving into a world that is in need of a different way of doing things – our very future depends on it. Too often problems are dealt with from a “knee jerk reaction” and so, there is a general trend towards always fixing what could have been prevented. But when we focus on the bigger vision and see how we can become a real contributor then we know we must start at the very beginning. People will always need to work and so, by creating and building a new society by supporting the mothers and mothers to be.

You are a professional woman and you are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or are wanting to come back to work and you are stressed, overwhelmed and depleted because you are worrying all the time
I can help you to to reclaim back control, tame your inner daemons so that, you can have peace of mind in your decisions, showing up unashamedly as your “Perfectly Imperfect Self”.