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Choosing Ourselves – Break free of Drama and step into your Dharma

I finally saw my drama story as it really was.

I was a 52 years woman who was 55lbs overweight and I was in a pickle. For first time ever, I couldn’t lose the weight easily. I believed that I was an expert at losing weight  It had been my thing”

So I had never learnt how to keep the weight off?

And now I was in trouble…

Once it had all sunk in I had to face myself and make some tough decisions.

This wasn’t going to be easy, I was stuck in the DRAMA and  I needed something drastic, to get me out of it. Luckily, I had an AHA Moment that changed everything and I saw clearly how to move outside the DRAMA and towards my DHARMA (my truth).

The reason we stay stuck in the DRAMA is usually because there are unresolved issue getting in our way – our KARMA.

So, our KARMA is the challenges we will face in life because of the interaction between our genetics and our environment.  

What is important is to realise that our genes, although fixed they are constantly being affected by our environment. And so, our genes can be either switched on or off, more expressed or not, all depending on how we are interacting with out environment. This process is called epigenetics


So, how do we exit the DRAMA release our our KARMA sand step into our DHARMA | PURPOSE?

We must act differently the moment we become conscious of being in the DRAMA.

Often easy to say but very difficult to do when we are in the DRAMA. This is because we are experiencing some internal conflict or threat which is activating our stress response. You probably already are familiar with the FIGHT – FLIGHT – FREEZE mechanism.  This mechanism is our primitive survival system which we are all born with and is incredibly useful when we really need to survive and respond quickly, without thinking. Our body likes to do shortcuts and they can be very useful when a lion is coming for us and we need to get out of the way.

But, as humans we live in social groups and we have to learn to navigate the rules to fit in. We learn those strategies by modelling others and often take on other’s behaviours which are NOT OURS TO HAVE and we can end up with having someone else’s beliefs and ideas

We may even walk another person’s Dharma – until we don’t!

Between the Stimulus and the Response there is a space

An in that space is our power TO CHOOSE our Response

In our response lies our Growth and our Freedom

Victor E Frankl

This, I believe is where Transformation happens!
Time is suspended and where ‘Everything is held in Potential – nothing is yet coded and no meaning is attached’.

We have been graced by a body that puts into a natural healing state – the state of Tonic Immobility before every response we have. This is a ‘startle’ moment where neurologically nothing is happening. All the neural information travelling down the nerve gets “held within the synaptic gap” and doesn’t get transmitted across the synapse to reach the next neuron.


At this moment we are at our most “GOD-LIKE” and where we can become the Creator of our reality.

What we give ourselves as a suggestion at this point is crucial, because it allows us to instantly create rippling effects throughout our whole body and mind. And depending on the intensity pf the emotion it creates a whole brain effect known as an AHA Moment. Here we can think outside the box, see the bigger picture and come to a whole different way of approaching a problem. 


So from that moment, I started walking another path and I know that you too can do that if you allow yourself to “s-t-r-e-t-c-h time” a little. I can promise you that if you learn to use that moment of “Immobility” to do the following steps that I have listed, You will obtain the Keys to the Kingdom.  

·         Stop – Whatever you are doing and notice what is going on | Slow Time Down and Breathe

·         Reassess – The way you are thinking, your behaviours and your feelings and see if they are valid – Ask ourselves “Is this really true”?

·         Re-evaluate – Ask yourself “Is this in alignment with who I AM and who I Want to Be

·         Act – Congruently act upon the information that you are being given

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