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Walking the Path of the Wise Sovereign

Sovereignty is a topic that is very close to my heart because it has taken a long while to, even begin to, feel sovereign in myself. My life has taken many twists and turns which have caused me a lot of pain because I have been one of those very sensitive, smart, adaptable people that often find themselves dancing to the tune of someone else’s drum.

Sadly, that meant I never rarely recognised and acknowledged my gifts, but others did and took advantage, but to be honest I didn’t know, where my drum was or what sort of tune I needed to beat out. Thankfully, I did find my own song, and slowly began to walk into my Sovereignty and that my life is so much happier and richer now.

I recognise that you you may not have heard of sovereignty in this way so, what do I mean by being Sovereign and why is sovereignty so important to our well being?

What is Sovereignty and what happens when we are not in Sovereignty? The dictionary definition, a la Wikipedia, states that “Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies”.

So we can think of something that is sovereign having the following:

  1. A defined boundary or border.
  2. An established time-frame of occupation giving entitlement to ownership claims
  3. Exclusivity of rights and sole power over the land and its subjects
  4. It is comprehensive i.e. it permeates throughout the entire structure
  5. It is inalienable – it cannot be ousted
  6. It is absolute, unified or indivisible

We know throughout history when Sovereignty exists in its ideal state, civilisations grow and thrive. We only have to look at the vastness of the Roman, the Egyptians, Mayans Empire, etc. to see that this is true.

Very simply, Sovereignty in its truest form, provides a safe harbor for its subjects. When people experience order in their lives this encourages them to believe in a future which tends to activates a creative principle within us. We humans are designed to create, that is our divine imperative because we are designed to expand when we are in times of peace. What happens is that we get to look around, take stock then take actions that will help better our circumstances. In essence we start to thrive as we receive the abundance that we create. Moreover, the greater level of perceived sovereignty a person experiences, the greater is their sense of autonomy, self-efficacy, ability to self-regulate, freedom and happiness.

However, when sovereignty is broken, our borders break down and it then can be hard to reclaim those borders back. I would go as far as to say that every illness is due to varying degrees of failed Sovereignty. Because, from a macro level if we were to explore our body, we would see that we are very similar to a ‘long hollow tube’ in structure. Our arms and legs are the appendages that protrude out and our head forms from a bulbous mass at the top.

So, we have skin that forms both the inside boundary (alimentary tract) and keratinised skin on the outside and “WE” form from in-between these two skin layers. So our skin keeps “US” in and keeps other things out and despite its varying degrees of permeability, it does that very well. The problem happens when those barriers break down that it becomes difficult to repair, especially if there are not sufficient energy reserves to activate those healing mechanisms required for the job. 

There is plenty of evidence showing us that approximately 18months – 2 years after suffering a major traumatic even i.e. a bereavement, divorce, job loss, etc. people often succumb to an illness, very often cancer. There is even evidence showing, that in cases of severe loss, the heart physically changes to resemble a Takotsubo heart. Here, the heart begins to take on the shape of a takotsubo vase. Those people that have this phenomenon will often experience the same symptoms as someone with cardiac failure and yet there is no actual pathology. Luckily this condition is reversible and their heart goes back to normal size after their stress reduces.

Are there certain people that are more susceptible to stress than others?

You may be surprised to know that the biggest group of people that are prone to having chronic stress are women. You may also not be aware that, despite our noticeable physical differences, our sex-hormones play a huge part in our brain’s development and although, there is no difference in brain size volume between men and women, neurologically they are wired very differently. What is important is that women tend to have greater number of neural connections throughout the brain regions and our visceral organs (gut) where men, do not. 

This is because evolution determined that when a mother hears her baby cry, she feels it so intensely that she cannot ignore it. The pain is almost unbearable to take and she has to act. This means that women will naturally, tend to feel things very deeply, are often more emotional, more empathetic, more willing to forgo themselves for others, etc. 

Sadly, this means that they can often end up with the syndrome of the “disease to please”

  • We normally associate this syndrome in women that have caring roles such as mothers, nurses, etc. but you may be surprised that there are many very highly paid, super busy professional women also have this default setting. Unfortunately, they proudly wear a mask of confidence while they are furiously peddling water, just so that she will not be caught out.
  • How we recognise this is that they will often say ‘YES’ when they really want to say ‘No’ and often, they end up frazzled and overwhelmed because they are constantly juggling other people’s needs whilst their own needs do not get fulfilled. 
  • They avoid confrontation at any cost and often apologise when they are not sorry at all because they are still very angry. Often what happens is that they withdraw, isolate themselves, ruminate a lot and even have fantasies of plotting revenge
  • They also constantly doubt themselves because they have not learnt to still their visceral responses and thus don’t learn to self-reference and instead, they look outside for external validation.

Luckily there is a way to exit the look and move into their light and shine. My passion is to help embolden women to step into Sovereignty and begin walking the path of the Wise Woman. I help her take back control of her boundaries, heal and reinforce them so that she can have a lifestyle that is healthy, happier, more loving and Divinely Feminine.

If you would like to find out how I can help you you can message me directly, click on the link and book yourself in for a free tea and cake call and together we can work out the perfect way for you to create the future that you deserve.

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