The Power of Your Name(1)

The Energy of your Name

Most people don’t pay much attention to the meaning of their name but we are rather remarkably attached to how our name is pounced. Some of us might even get a wee bit upset when our name is mispronounced it or if we are a nick-name which we don’t like.

Is a name really important?

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These are some of the names I call myself. When I use these names it evokes quite a different responses in me. So, how I call myself is important.

Moreover, in many cultures it is believed that our name has a profound influence upon on our lives. I know that my sense of Sovereignty really unfolded the moment I consciously claimed my name. Also, some rather spooky coincidences often happen when we start to unravel the meaning of our name which might be the reason so such importance can be attributed to a name.

Exploring their name with clients helps to open up a space where they can become fully present and connect to their purpose. Often, old blockages start to dissolve and as stuck energy gets released and I love it when a client leave the session feeling much lighter, happier and connected to themselves.

 I love words and I do believe that “Words create worlds”. It seems that they are very important as even in biblical teachings this world and everything in it was created when GOD spoke and willed it into being. Thus, when we speak our thoughts, we automatically will into creation our world.

However, there is a deeper level to looking onto one’s name for me. My thinking is that if are created by GOD then those words we speak are sacred, because what we speak is vehicle through which the spirit becomes manifested. This is why it becomes so profound exploring one’s name because I believe we directly connect to our soul, the voice of GOD.

When I look at someone’s name I envision that the consonants as the physical structures (us) which bend the flow of breath to make the sounds. I love it that nearly all ancient languages don’t write the vowel in their words because for them this would mean that the spirit 

Also, in some teaching embedded within our name is our correction or challenges must overcome for this lifetime. In Christian religions, the concept of baptism or rather the washing away the mark of original sin is very similar to the notion of Karma in older faiths. But I think what they were trying to get us to understand is the real reason why we are here.

We are here for GOD to know itself which is for us to be fully realised so that we can walk our path as the Creator – because that is WHO WE TRULY ARE.


Simply say your name out allowed using different intonations at different places and see how that feels for you. For some of you it might sound very strange and for others you might feel it give you a different sense of yourself.

Be curious, ask yourself what the sound is telling me, where is it resonating in me, do I feel as though I am full of energy or does it fell as though it is blocking me.

Write your findings down and try again another day and see if it still feels the same. Also, what has happens in the interim – did you get an unexpected windfall, have more energy, feel more blocked. There is no right or wrong. It is all information

 Let me know what happens for you. I would love to know. 

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