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Crack the Code on your Imposter Syndrome

While writing this blog the song “Three steps to Heaven” by Eddie Cochran comes to mind. Yes I am showing my age but there are some real truths here that if, when you are down you follow this formula – steps 1, 2 & 3 and should reach heaven. Here are the words:

Now there are three steps to heaven
Just listen and you will plainly see
And as life travels on
And things do go wrong
Just follow steps one, two and three
Step one, you find a girl you love
Step two, she falls in love with you
Step three, you kiss and hold her tightly
Yeah, that sure seems like heaven to me
The formula for heaven's very simple
Just follow the rules and you will see
And as life travels on and things do go wrong
Just follow steps one, two and three

Of course the song, is focused on reaching heaven through finding an external person to love and we can take it purely as is. Or we can see the real message underneath and find that it is metaphor for the UNIVERSAL LAW of LIFE and if we use it properly, we will LIVE HEAVEN ON EARTH .

So how does this fit with solving problems, especially that of Imposter Syndrome? Fundamentally what sits at the heart of Imposter Syndrome is that we have fallen “out of love” with our self and so, the formula is very simple, we must take steps to find our self. When we join with our self in love we are at peace because we are no longer operating at ‘half our self’ – WE ARE WHOLE again

The truth is, we disconnect from our self because we are hurt in some way and so, we reflect back trying to make meaning of the situation. However, the problem happens when we form beliefs, assumptions, judgements and opinions about our self, others and the wider world which are biased in negativity.

So, to begin Cracking the Code on our Imposter Syndrome we must first activate the goal activating mechanism in our brain and begin setting out to really learn about our self; get very interested in our self i.e. explore what we think, feel and are doing so that we can reach the ultimate goal of falling in “love with our self” again.

How we fall in  love with our self is by seeing the whole truth that we have a job to do – which is our purpose. We must see the deeper truths both our Unique Thread of Genius and our limitations (saboteurs) and appreciate the whole story, accept that there is no wrong or right, there is no blaming only learning and start living our true potential in every moment. We must seek to build the mental and emotional “muscle” so that when bad things happen, or we are frightened of a potentially real or imaginary threat that we can easily self-regulate and bring ourselves into a state of peace.

Our brain is a forward moving, it likes having goals and so, if we don’t have goals it is like we are a ship without a compass on a cold and lonely sea with no beam of light to guide us through to safety. Thus having a plan in place it makes us feel happier, experience greater efficacy and autonomy which then give us the confidence to deal with any situation and yes, even our Imposter Syndrome.

The tree steps form part of my iCAN® Model which I write about in my book “The AHA Moment: how to maximise results for the least amount of effort”

  • Step 1: Set an INTENTION that you want to find out more about you – seek to find your soulmate YOU. So start investigating, gain insights, ignite the potentials of your possibilities. Create a vision of what you want so that you can have it pull you there
  • Step 2: COMMIT to the follow through. Connection with your deepest desires, cherish them, cuddle them, hold them, love them, promise them you will stand by them
  • Step 3: Take ACTION repeatedly, consistently and with enthusiasm. Aggregate all the learning, see what you have accumulate and then activate a plan of action that involves the whole of you – feel it in every cell of your body
  • Step 4: You become the NEW BEING by inhabiting this state permanently and this is how you reach HEAVEN. Heaven is where anything and everything is possible.

It you are a professional woman and you are stressed, overwhelmed and depleted because you are too afraid to be found out that you are not perfect then I can help you to step in to you Sovereign Power and take back control, tame your inner saboteurs and achieve a successful life, living unashamedly as your perfectly Imperfect Self.

DM or Click on the link and book yourself in for a chat and get that sorted out for you.

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