Recognition of Myself

“Healer Heal Thyself” has repeatedly been quoted throughout both old and new testament yet the moment I started writing my biography I realized that I was far from healed. It scared me a little because this was the moment it ‘hit’ me that there was this huge gap between where I was and where I needed to be to flow in Wealth, Health, Happiness and Fun, the pillars of my coaching program. 

I began to see how I had created my reality and I didn’t like it. I had been a therapist for many years but I hadn’t quite got to the top of my game and I wasn’t sure why. But very quickly it became evident that the childhood trauma I had experienced had hooked their way into everything that I did. 

To be honest I had dismissed the effects of my trauma because I had got through it and at some level I prided myself on this. But, there was a cost to this as on the one hand it helped me become resilient, very helpful when working with traumatic situations but on the other hand it really held me back in living my best life.  

Writing the book meant that I had to return to the old story and see it for what it was, a story. That is not to dismiss what I experienced but rather that I could get to see and hear the truth. The truth was that just like everyone we start off in exactly the same way, a single cell which eventually becomes a uniquely evolved YOU. 

I recognised that we are all just making our way in life doing the best that we can, including me. So, by going back and editing and re-editing my story I got to rewrite and create my story, my way. I took ownership of my space and began to rule it like the Wise Sovereign I had always been but now, I put on my crown.  

What became very clear to me was that I understood deeply that, from the moment of our existence, we are given sovereignty. However, often when bad things happen we forget this and we lose connection with our source within, the GOD power. I connected back to a mystical experience I had, when I was told that I and everyone was God. I hadn’t really understood how this could back then but I truly embodied it now. I was able to embrace the GOD that is in me and pay homage to her.

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