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Experience of my book coming out

The Truth sets us Free is what springs to mind when I think about the release of my book. I can’t tell you what it feels like to have the weight of my secrets mu shame, lifted off me on one whacking go. My biggest fears that people would get bored reading my story, be harshly judged or even ostracized, were not realized. And instead, to my delight and amazement my book has been embraced by those that have read it so far. 

After my first two written reviews I just knew then that I had done the right thing and any last doubts that I had were completely nullified. Since, a lot of good things have happened. My online book launch went very successfully and I have been interviewed more extensively on radio, podcasts and other social media and there are more in the pipeline. 

Most importantly, my reach has widened further out across the globe which means that I can be more effective in the world. As women that I need my help now have a greater chance of hearing my message and this makes me truly happy. Not only do I get to experience this but I get to live my purpose.

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