Are you the world’s best kept secret struggling always, for your message to be heard?
Are constantly over checking everything is perfect even though you know it can’t be so?

Frequently feel you are on the outside looking in, wondering if you will ever belong?
Always need to stand alone because that is how you made yourself strong?

Get excited about and go after new things but the novelty doesn’t last?
Distract yourself with easy wins because the big ones seem such huge a task?

Start your work close to deadlines as that’s when you best work gets done?
Worry you won’t come up to scratch so you miss out on all life’s fun?

You take on burdens big and small you often get overwhelmed?
Aware how to relieve your burden but are too ashamed to ask, so can’t be helped?

Find yourself procrastinating, looking always for ways to hide?
Yet desperately waiting for someone to discover you, to take you out this bind?


But the truth is


I want to confess here that every line written above was true about me. This was how my world was before I woke up. If you read my book Hiding in Plain Sight, No More you will see how I.S. really impacted my ability to thrive and be successful. Luckily, I can now see the wood from the trees and can take actions to nip it in the bud.

Coming back to the list you might notice what is unique about I.S. is that it shows up in situations where your performance is being judged. Demographically, I.S. occurs in both men and women however there is a vast difference in the root cause between genders.


Women tend to base their success on what it “means about themselves”,
whereas men typically, base success on “what they do”.
So, to be clear, for women it is all about their

Identity (WHO THEY ARE)


Capability (AN ACTION THEY DO)

for men.

Neurologically there is much more investment in keeping our Identity safe in comparison with changing a behavior and this is what makes I.S. so challenging for women to overcome. The consequence of not ‘knocking the socks’ off I.S. is that women fail to self-actualize and thrive.

Many women with I.S constantly run an internal dialogue using phrases pre-empted with language such as: you should, you ought to, you must be good enough, you must be strong, don’t be weak, etc….
No wonder the all-pervasive root beliefs of women suffering with I.S. are feelings of I AM unworthy, not enough, Invisible, unlovable, helpless and alone.

However, when you are stuck in your bind you don’t recognize that you live in a multidimensional universe and by you simply behaving in ways that match those beliefs there are knock-on effect throughout the MD-Universe and other people and the wider world directly respond to the energy that you are creating.

So how do we change?

The only way to transform is to become acutely become present to those beliefs and behaviors you are running and interrupt them. Not so easy when your ‘inner voice(s)’ doesn’t want you to go beyond your comfort zone, it is happy and safe where it is. Plus, it takes effort to change and so will find multiple ways to delude, deny and deceive you.

Therefore, you need to find the ‘hook’ that will entice this part of you to take action. Because at the end of the day, it is only with action that things change biologically.

So, remember it has to be worth it! If it isn’t worth the effort you won’t sustain the new behavior long-term.
How many times have you made a promise to yourself, or gone on a diet only to break it? We already know what to do – there are so many self-help books out there and yet, people still suffer – Why?

The reason is because you are disconnected from your source, your purpose. When you connect to your purpose you are able to activates your inner-fire and once fully ignited and properly fueled, it will eternally sustain you.

I teach women to do this though the framework of Sovereign monitoring of our selves.

This involves checking in using 8 manifestations for Sovereignty which is also the never-ending upward spiral of #HAPPINESS.

Remember, you are always a work in progress however every level begins and ends with Sovereignty. Happiness is the barometer for how Sovereign you are. Moreover, the greater your ability to hold Sovereignty the Happier you will become.

Here are the Four Essential Truths of Sovereignty Monitoring
  • Harmony and Activation: Creates complete coherence throughout our body
  • Nurture and Evolve: Provides the nourishment and love needed to grow
  • Purpose and Influence: Provides desire for us to connect with self-knowledge and liberation
  • Prosperity and Success: Creates wealth support that enriches and sustain life