Cosmodic Therapy for Pregnancy, Infertility and the Wee Ones

Cosmodic technology can be used to help women deal with many challenges that they may experience such as difficulties in pregnancy, infertility, hormonal issues – menopause, punerty and mensration, etc.  

I have found that during pregnancy and later in labour that this therapy comes into its own.

For most of this period we want to help mums become deeply relaxed so that their baby can grow well and in labour to regulate and optimise contractions that facilitate a smooth birth process. Moreover, it is like getting a two for one deal, I have found that this therapy has profoundly positive effects on both mum in generating optimal healing states.

Since we are only giving corrected data back to the body Cosmodic therapy is an extremely safe treatment in these circumstances. Interestingly whilst the baby is in the womb and for the first 28 days of their life they spend a great deal of their time in a particular neural state otherwise known as the theta state. This state is likened to the “God” state where all infoScenar-Cosmodic Babyrmation is directly encoded into the body.

When babies are given data back to their body, that resonates to their own body’s frequencies in their most  perfect form, profound things can happen. Additionally since babies have not had time to adapt to the many experiences that adolescents and adults have they can change incorrect patterning very quickly indeed.

Treatment sessions are focused around how you respond during and after the session. I may need to see you once or even twice a week depending on your condition.

Note: It is very important that if you are pregnant that you drink adequate water before coming to the session. This is because profound relaxation can suddenly drop your blood pressure slightly and cause your autonomic nervous system to kick in, which may make you feel a little light headed. Fluctuations in body dynamics is not treatening although it is not ideal for creating a restful experience.

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