Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – OPSIM (gut specific) hypnotherapy

Up to 50% of all cases of functional gut disorders are without an organic cause. 

Empircal research now shows that we all have an emotional centre located in our abdominal region. In fact, an ‘abdominal headache’ is now an accepted medical term  that is used to describe non-pathological abdominal pain.

When treating IBS with hypnotherapy the main focus is to connect these two brains i.e. the stomach and the brain so that we can ‘find out’ what your stomach is trying to tell you. I have found this concept often to be quite challenging for most new clients as many of them just want to ‘get rid’ of the problem. Sadly, just trying to ‘get rid’ of a problem without first understanding this principle often amplifies the symptoms and will almost always result in the problem not being resolved fully. However, people becomes used to working in this way their lives transform dramatically.

The OPSIM (gut specific) hypnotherapy treatment developed by Michael Mahoney has been found to be extremely useful in helping people with IBS to manage their symptoms better. This treatment involves you coming to see me for 6 sessions over a period of 5 months. The purpose for this is that the gut needs to be adequately retrained so that the behavioural change that you have instigated becomes permanent.

The sessions are designed to be roughly 2-4 weeks apart so that you consecutively build-up and strengthen the learning from previous sessions in the interim periods. As part of this treatment every session is recorded for you so that you can reinforce the learning taken from the session deeply into your unconscious programming.

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