Clean Language

Clean Language is a therapeutic linguistic tool that was developed by David Grove, to indirectly uncover the way our experiences are coded.

This involves a specific method of asking questions that helps clients access their own personal metaphors so that they can resolve their issues in the safety of their own sacred space.

Metaphors can be thought of as symbolic representations of the way we constructed our inner or psychic world and to which we have given it meaning. Therefore, since structure is meaning,  if we help clients to change their metaphorical structure of the problem, this will very likely change the meanings they have attributed to the problem.

Metaphors or analogies are an inherent way of sharing an idea or concept. We use symbolic ways of communicating because we all think differently and have had different life expereinces to reference from. Therefore, to communicate effectively we must try to find stories that are similar in structure so people can understand us.

Here are a couple of examples of metaphors that people commonly use to describe a problem:

My life is like ‘an uphill struggle’, I feel like my feet are ‘trapped in mud and I can’t get out’, I feel like I have a ‘lead weight on my chest’. Most of us can identify with and understand the feeling that these metaphors might represent. However, when we actively explore these metaphores it ‘brings them to life’ this is where the magic happpens.

Esentially, when exploring our personal metaphors our attention becomes fully engaged in our stories so that the metaphor literally becomes ‘alive or psychoactive’, the latter psychotherapy speak. Here, the person feels as though they are being submerged into their own 3D movie.

This might not sound like a good thing but this is the ideal state that we want you to be in. This is because in this state what we experience is ‘real’ and therefore ‘true’. We literally transcend time and space and go back to the time we were children, where we were infinite potential and most importantly experienced no doubt about our capabilities. Changing things at this level often has the immediate effect of resolving issues in a truly organic way.

Clean Language can be used with anyone that has language and it doesn’t matter how basic the language is so long as the individual can access an imaginary world and has the willingness to participate in the process.

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