Most of our mental issues stem from internal conflicts. We all experience internal conflicts at some time or other but it is our perceived difficulties in resolving resolving them that is the problem for us.

Internal conflicts generally make us very anxious and our body rsponds by kicking into survival mode. You may already know this as your automatic fight, flee or freeze mechanism. When this happens our body does whatever it can to deal with the issue at hand. So, it immediately moves blood away from the cognitive or thinking part of our brain and distributes it to those parts of the body that actively deal with the danger.

Essentially, our thinking brain effectively goes off-line and we are left at the whim of our automatic reflexive behaviours.

Hypnosis is a very special brain state that when used correctly can help us bring our cognitive brain back on-line and take back control of our thought processes.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a very safe and successful method of tapping into a natural brain phenomenon that everyone experiences. We slip into trances or hypnotic states constantly throughout our day although we are not aware of doing it.

However, learning to actively engage in your own self-hypnosis regime can help you create a strong conditioning response that directly involves the creation of new brain circuits. It is the hard-wiring of those brain circuits that allows those changes that you want to become permanent.

Here are two typical hypnotic states that we enter regularly

  • A focused hypnotic trance is where you can be fully alert and focused almost like in a hyperexcited “buzz” state. This can be very useful in getting you to do more energetic activities such as like writing an essay, running a race, etc. Therapist rarely use this one as it is much more outward focuses and in this state you are less likely to be receptive to therapeutic suggestions however,
  • A dreamy, relaxed hypnotic state is like the time when you are just about to fall asleep. This is the kind of trance that most hypnotherapists use. The reason for this is because when you enter this type of brain state / trance you can easily bypass critical thought patterns that you are running. Here you can deal directly with issues or problems without your internal critical voice jeopardizing the work.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help with most physical, emotional and psychological problems such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Personal coaching & development
  • Career issues / relationships
  • Physical ailments – IBS, High Blood Pressure etc
  • Presentations & exam nerves
  • Fears and phobias
  • Lack of confidence
  • Stopping smoking
  • Weight control
  • Pain management
  • Infertility, pregnancy management and childbirth
  • and many others
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