Most unexplained cases of infertility that there are two main reasons that it happens either that your body is not physically in an optimum state for you to conceive or that your mind is not in the right mental space to allow it to happen naturally.

Therefore, to really be successful you need a take a holistic approach that includes both body and mind therapies.

To prepare the body physically I use reflexology, creative healing massage and Cosmodic therapy to mainly focus on the following:

  • Decongesting your pelvis so that we can increase pelvic flexibility. This helps your fertilised egg be transferred along the fallopian tubes towards the womb safely
  • Balancing your hormones and regulate of periods so that you can have a correct timing of egg release and support the womb lining
  • Reducing inflammatory effects within the body that cause the immune system to over-respond making your womb a hostile place for your baby to live in
  • Decreasing stress and stress related symptoms
  • Facilitating your digestion so that you can optimally absorb all the nutrients that you need support you and your baby
  • Removing by-products of metabolic processing (cell digestion) so that complications of pregnancy such as swelling, high blood pressure, backache, etc. are alleviated

On the mental side outside natural causes, stress is the biggest contributor of about 90% of infertility cases in women.  Not only does stress disrupt the hormonal balance in our bodies but it also increases the activation of the immune response in the uterus. This may result  in your embryo either being prevented from implanting into the lining of your womb or althernatively that your embryo get continuously attacked and killed by overzealous killer cells.

Unfortunately, our immune system does not discriminate well. Thus, it will attacks anything that it feels does not need to be there or which it believes is a possible threat to you. So, by actively reducing stress and encouraging the relaxation response at every level thoughout our body and mind, we can quieten the immune response dramatically.

Aside form that it will also lead to an overall increase overall in blood flow throughout the body and especially to the uterus and ovaries. More importantly, it helps to regulate the body’s hormonal imbalances that are the direct by-products of the stress response. These changes will help to promote the implantation and wellbeing your embryo, helping you to increase the likelihood of you having a healthy full-term baby.

Therefore, I combine therapies such as hypnosis (mental visualisation), EMDR and EFT to mainly focus on the following:

  • Increasing mental relaxation and diminishing stress
  • Resolving limiting belief or blocks that hinder conception such as fear of being pregnant, frightened of the labour, losing identity, etc.
  • Aiding physiological changes
  • Programming you body to believe and trust that you can be a mother
  • Increasing confidence

A course of infertility with me involve you seeing me once a week for 10 sessions. In the first session, we try to investigate possible reasons for your difficulty in conceiving. This means that I will be taking a very detailed case history. I will be asking a lot of questions may seem unrelated to infertility but this is important as everything that has happened in your life has brought to this point in time. You have adapted to circumstance and it is that that we want to understand more fully. Following that you will receive one of the body treatments that I feel would best serve you first.

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