Pregnancy Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis should ideally be started early in your pregnancy so that you can prepare for an easy birth.

Evidence suggests that the more you practise the better you get.

Practise primes the body neurological systems so that every time you experience relaxation a little “tag” is placed on our neurons. By continuoulsy activating these’tags’, every time you practise relaxation, you create a powerful conditioning response which becomes stronger and more powerful as you continue to do so.

Hypnosis helps you to reach a profound level of relaxation, enabling your body to respond directly to suggestions that you give yourself. This becomes very important during labour when you want to encourage your pelvis to relax and open to it’s widest capacity for your baby to pass through and also to help you manage the contractions. Hypnosis is safe and very easy to follow. At various times you will receive hypnosis within the session as part of your ongoing treatment.

Partners or husbands may attend any of the treatments or you if you so desired you both may attend self-hypnosis classes together. In the classes you will be shown some of the creative healing and reflexology movements as well as hypnotic suggestions that will help you and your partner feel more confident during the birth process.

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