Creative Healing Massage

Stephenson’s Creative Healing Massage is an energetic hands on healing technique that applies the powerful combination of creative visualisation, light touch massage and the intention of the healer’s hands to actively manipulate “substance” within the body .

This substance could be though of as lymphatic fluid in the body which mainly carries metabolic waste products from cell metabolism i.e. our muscles and organs, to special draining areas where it is absorbed back into the blood system. Waste products can then excretion via the our body clearing systems such as our kidneys, gut, skin etc.

Creative healing works on 4 principles

  • Normalise body temperature – healing can only take place at normal temperature
  • Create a vacuum
  • Remove congestion
  • Replace Substance

Creative healing massage is used during pregnancy to specifically feed, energise, strengthen organs and also to remove waste products that are toxic to the body. However, creative healing massage is not limited to pregnancy as it can be use to help treat anyone that has a physical problem.

Creative Healing is very organ specific which makes it a wonderful treatment for most ailments. This means that depending on what sort of treatment that you will be having you will either  be treated either in the sitting or laying down position. Creative healing is not just a relaxing massage. Most most treatments will be done done with you sitting upright as according to the creative healing principle the back in the upright position is in the correct position for it to have maximum “springiness”.

When you lay down the natural curves of you back get displaced which might not allow for the energy build-up in the sacrum to travel up to the head properly. However, there are situations when you will be worked on your front which would be mainly for giving you a heart and lung treatment, a digestive tune-up and female treatments.

During pregnancy, creative healing massage is immensley helpful in assisting placental functioning, especially your baby is measuring low on the body/mass percentile chart. I have found that low birth babies tend to pick up weight quickly after a few treatments.

During you treatment programme you will be taught how to treat yourself if necessary or you can bring a friend or birth partner with you so that they can learn under my supervision. There is also a DVD for you to purchase with the creative healing massage strokes you wil need. This is available by clicking on the link.

Some problems listed below are well treated with creative healing:

  • gastrointestinal problems – IBS, constipation, bloating, etc
  • hormonal conditions – thyroid, diabetes, polycyctic ovaries (PCO)
  • high blood pressure
  • Stress related conditions
  • musculo-skeletal prolems – ankles, knees, and back problems
  • cystitis, renal colic and kidney stones
  • managing changes in pregnancy
  • female problems – prolapsed uterus, painful periods, infertility, etc
  • decreased body immunity and delayed healing
  • chronic illnesses – parkinsons disease, M.E., shingles
  • sleep and irritability
  • and many others

Training in Creative Healing Massage

Sherine is a qualified teacher in creative healing massage. Should you be interested in attending a course please use the email given on the home page.

 Treatment fees outlined on Fees and Products page