Clients stories, comments, etc.

Dear Sherine

A very belated thank you for all your help birthing Finn. Your presence was exactly what I was looking for. A woman wise to the nuts and bolts of birthing and who could hold me emotionally through the journey with encouragement and humour. That combination is priceless. with much, much gratitude – Caroline, Pete, Finn & Annabel

Mother and the new prawBeing Racheln are doing very well, and his sister has taken to him immediately. Usual tiredness etc, but he is very calm after his birth, serene even. We can’t thank you enough for the support you have given us – Alex and Rachel

Dear Sherine, I want to thank you for guiding me though one of the toughest situations of my life. I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without you, also a huge bonus to have it turned into such a positive experience that I don’t think will leave a lasting feeling of stress inspite of the twists and turns. I feel very blessed to have met you. Thanks again – with love, Rachel

Hi Sherine, I had a lovely boy born 8 days ago. He was overdue so we were booked in for an induction which I really wanted to avoid. Luckily I did and he was born within two hours at home and I delivered him myself! He is huge and feeding well. I know that I was not able to complete my sessions but what we did served me well. Thank you very much for that – Rachel M.S.