Gentle Birth

The Gentle Birth Method

During pregnancy, your body must change to accommodate your baby growing within you. Since, your organs get moved around a bit and your body must work a little harder.

Most of the time your body accommodates easily with you having minimal discomfort however, for some mothers they may experience those changes as being much more problematic.

The Gentle Birth Method, was created by Dr Gowri Motha OBGyn, to help women become birth fit. It would be foolish to suggest that having a good birth excludes the possibility of you ever having a caesarean or forceps delivery since it is not a guarantee but what it means is that you perceive your birth experience as a good one. So, it would be an experience where you felt empowered and in control.

On the nutrition side it is crucial that this is managed well to optimise the opportunity of having a good birth. Being well-nourished helps to ensure that not only is your body healthy but that we try to optimise your baby’s size. GBM advocates that pregnant mums keep off wheat and/or gluten products throughout their pregnancy, particularly in the last few weeks before birth. This is because during pregnancy your gut works more slowly and the gluten which can make the intestine much stickier might hinder you absorbing well.

Looking healthy and happy

You can see a possibility of you having symptoms of pregnancy induced gluten intolerance if you experience having swollen feet and hands, pregnancy related diabetes and high blood pressure and unexpectedly bigger babies. If you are swelling on the outside you are swelling on the inside which migh make your labour a little more difficult. We know that this may not be easy to implement the new way of eating at first however, we will show you how you might implement these dietary changes in an easy and practical way.

The gentle birth method advocates that pregnant mums keep off wheat and / or gluten products through out the pregnancy particularly in the last weeks before birth. This is because during pregnancy the gut works more slowly and that gluten which can make the intestine more sticky might hinder optimum absorption. Some symptoms of pregnancy induced gluten intolerance are swollen feet and hands, pregnancy related diabetes and high blood pressure. These problems can result in prospective mums having a difficult delivery or having overly large babies. Since diet is very important I will discuss over the course of GB treatments ways in which you can approach these dietary changes easily to ensure that the transition to being wheat free will be easier than you expect.

Body therapies such as reflexology and creative healing treatments begin at 12 weeks and continue to birth. Optimally it would be good to see you every week however two weekly is sufficient until 36 weeks unless there are problems. From 36 weeks onward until your birth I will arrange to see you weekly. See the treatment schedules below. Treatments are scaled to you needs and may vary with each treatment session.

Creative Healing massage program to assist birth partners during labour

In addition prospective mothers often tell me that they have found it is very helpful to have their birth partner or friend to help supplement their treatments at home.  I have created a DVD of the creative healing massage techniques that will guide them to confidently help you in this venture. Please email me for you orders.

Please note that if you have had these treatments to help you get pregnant then I will continue the treatments between conception and the 12 weeks. I will however, treat you with gentle foot reflexology or I will give you face reflexology.

Creative healing massage will be offered throughout pregnancy.  After you have had your baby I will encourage you to have a couple of treatments as soon as possible. This to bring your organs back into their correct positions as quickly as possible. This generally will be in the form of abdominal work and will include a pelvic lift.

12 – 36 weeks Treatment are every 2 weeks depending on your condition
36 weeks – birth Treatments are every week

Note: I am available to attend births as a birth partner or for additional support. Please let me know if this is something that you are interested in.

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