Cosmodic Therapy

The moment we experience suffering or illness our body begins to adapt. If we are lucky we are able to quickly recover and reverse any adapation that has occurred and our body will continue as it should have.

However, should this not happen our body will begin to hard-wire those adaptations into our neural and genetic history. And when this happens….our body essentially ‘goes to sleep’ and is no longer able to recognise the abnormal pattern.


Cosmodic technology is designed to ‘wake up the body’s neurological system’ so that body’s own healing capacity can begin the process of rehabilitation and restoration.

Student working on the client’s back to obtain a total body treatment

Cosmodic therapy uses bio-electrical frequencies to help restore “lost cell function” within the body. All Cosmodic devices use smart software that have the ability to learn.

When a device is placed on the surface of the skin a “conversational circuit” begins between our brain and the device. This is very similar to the way our nervous system learns where our nervous sustem anticipates and adapts on feedback that it receives. Thus, because the message that is delivered from the device is base on calculations from your own body responses the therapy is specific only for your needs – it is the ultimate in individualised therapy.

Moreover, because Cosmodic technology works solely using your own body response signals,  it is a very safe form of treatment. Furthermore, this makes Cosmodic safe to use on just about everyone including; babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Cosmodic technology can be used for treating both acute and chronic conditions, although the length of treatment will differ dramatically. In acute case such as colds, cuts, trauma, burns, etc. the quicker you start having treatment the better because it is ideal to treat the body before it adapts to the new circumstances. In chronic conditions such as, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, infertility, etc. and many others because the dis-ease is well established it may take several courses of treatments before the adaptive pattern is erased.

Length of Treatment:

The rule of thumb is that the length of time you have had your condition the longer the course of treatment will be. Acute conditions heal faster than chronic conditions.  The aim in chronic conditions is to firstly get the body to ‘awaken’ to the fact that the disease pattern is in place before it can begin to install and learn new ones. This may tak a little time as your body may not have enough energy to do this. However, once the treatment begins to take effect the body usually becomes more responsive and the re-adaption time between course begins to be much faster.

What to Expect:
The first session takes about 2 hours which will include me taking a very detailed history after which I will work on you. You will be asked to sit on a stool while I work on your back using the device so that I can work directly over the spinal cord and spinal nerves. You will feel a buzzing, tingling or vibrating sensation which normally is extremely pleasant and relaxing. Follow up sessions are usually about an hour.

A course of Cosmodic treatment generally ranges between 10-15 sessions twice weekly before you will be asked to take a break period. This is because your body is constantly receiving information during the session period and there will come a time when your brain will become saturated. During this time, your body gets to reboot and install processes that it downloaded during the sessions.

You will be asked to monitor all your symptoms, during this period, so that you will have an idea when you body is ready to install new data again. Generally, if this is a long-term problem, you will start your next course of treatment will occur when your symptoms return. Although, don’t be discourage they are usually much more diminished than previously.

This is not the time to do other treatments as it will interfere with the way that you are installing. Please do not undo the work that you are doing at this time, even if you cannot see the changes directly.

Session treatment costings are outlined here :