Scenar-Cosmodic and treating clients with cancer

Supporting chemotherapy clients with Scenar-Cosmodic technology has a number of challenges namely that: 1. chemotherapy drugs target both “good and bad cells” alike and 2. cell death as a result of chemotherapy often results in huge inflammatory responses within the body causing the many side-effects people generally suffer. The primary job of Scenar-Cosmodic therapy is to restore “lost cell function” which it does through regulating the sympathetic nervous system, a key system responsible for our “fright, flight or freeze” states activated in times of dis-stress. By placing the body in less heightened state we activate our body’s natural healing systems, inflammatory responses can be regulated and promote more regenerative properties to be optimised. Thus Scenar-Cosmodic therapy can be an ideal therapy to have during this period.

At our clinic we endeavor to create treatment protocols that are personalised for every client as no two clients will respond to treatments in quite the same way. Doing a little research  on what type of chemotherapy drugs clients will be receiving at the outset can be very useful in planning when to treat people. As chemotherapy drug protocols are generally designed to target particular cell at specific time-points along their reproductive life-cycle.this way we can work closely  in tandem with the client’s chemotherapy regime

How might this be important: Tumour cells replicate much faster than normal cells and although chemotherapy drugs destroy many more “bad cells” than “healthy cells”, overtime multiple treatments results in the overall number of good cells being greatly reduced and our body’s capacity to replicating and or regenerating reduces. The body does try to compensate by swinging into “survival mode” but it focuses more on “repairing” and not enough time is spent on “regenerating and rebuilding”. The consequence is that the body becomes chronically stressed. Furthermore with no imminent reprieve from exposure to ongoing cell damage due to toxic drug ingestion, inflammatory reactions are greatly exacerbated, making it immensely challenging for their bodies’ to deal with.

Having this kind of understanding can be extremely helpful in giving rationale to the specific symptoms that a client might experience i.e. sore mouth, gut issues, hair loss, etc. It also offers a certain logic behind prophylactic measures that go along way in helping mitigate these symptom effects. During treatment clients are strongly encouraged to assist their healing journey by exploring ways to optimise their nutritional, environmental, physical and psychological status. This way encapsulated mineral and other nutritional resources from from areas within or surrounding the cells can be liberated for immediate use in the regenerative process.

Whether clients choose to have chemotherapy as  a “belt and braces” measure i.e. the of their risk of cancer returning is minimal or whether it is being administered as a life saving measure treatment schedules must be organised to maximise the way Cosmodic technology works within the body. Thus our treatment protocol priority is set out to establish an optimum balance between: 1. maximising the therapeutic effect of the drug and its elimination from the body and 2. managing the severity of the condition to the intensity of treatment schedules. Generally the more severe the condition is the more frequent sessions may be needed.

We use a two pronged approach: a preparation phase and a post chemo phase. In the preparation phase the focus is on activating the body clearing systems. The organs one would generally focus working on are the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, digestive tract and skin. Activating these clearing systems will supports the body the throughout the period that the chemotherapy drugs are in the body. However, on saying this, Cosmodic technology is smart technology and will treat what needs to be corrected first so we need to be flexible within the treatment while keeping focused on these areas. The treatment post chemotherapy phase is dependent on two things a) how the client is doing and b) the rate at which the drug is thought to be clear from the body. Here we take into account the drug’s half-life as a measure to operate from. Thus if the half-life is 36 hours one might wait another 24 hours before treating – however there is no fixed rule. During this treatment focus is on activating regions that promote the improvement in cell functionality, pivotal for supporting the surviving cells through the recovery process.

This approach is more or less repeated continuously throughout the client’s chemotherapy period and it is only only when chemotherapy is completed would they go onto a maintenance protocol or even go directly onto a “break period”. The latter is an important part of the therapy where their body will get the opportunity to reboot and install new learning into its existing holding patterns and/or change them completely. Once this process has happened the client is reassessed and treatment can be recommenced or concluded.

Scenar-Cosmodic Training London November 2015

Reflecting back at our November training I am always amazed at how student come from being complete novices in the art of applying Scenar-Cosmodic therapy in a holistic paradigm to being relatively competent and confident in what they are doing.

We were fortunate to again have had a diverse group coming from a number of different countries across Europe – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey in addition to those locally from the UK. Students got to really have a good amount of practise as our reputation for alleviating symptoms has grown and more people are queuing up to have treatments.

Here are some of the highlights of the course:

Serap happily holding her certificate of attendance
Serap , Vivienne and Sherine




Serap happily holding her certificate of attendance. She is now doing our Part Two for Competency certificate




Group Photo

Group Photo
Group Photo

Teaching organised (formally and informally) to create an optimum medium for learning and openness

Vivienne teaching
Vivienne teaching
Taking a case history
Sherine demonstrating taking a case history







Always a hive of activity on our Guest Day. These are the times that the students love the most and get to really sink their teeth into practical learning

Learning on the job

Amy doing amazing work on a challenging client
Amy doing amazing work on a challenging client
Sherine supervising on guest day
Close supervising on guest day
Such focused attention
Such focused attention

We also had some amazing food from a wonderful chef Cris Kitch, who never fails to deliver hearty, tasty vegetarian food.

Healthy robust salads to keep the strength up


The naughty but nice: But all Gluten Free!!!



Some feedback from the students: You can see any additional feedback for courses on Scenar Cosmodic Training Vivienne Constad

Ondrej Stanek (Aneathetist)

I am very happy that I’ve invested my time and money to the professional training. It confirmed my intuitive feeling about this technology and at the same time shifted my understanding how to use it for the best results and opened the gate to the new, more focused and detailed level of work.

You can expect loads of information of both theoretical and practical nature about this work interwoven together and held by holistic frame of reference. Both Sherine and Vivienne know their stuff very well, have enormous amount of experience and they have good energy together.

Also you can expect receiving treatment as well as practicing under their supervision which is very, very helpful embodied experience. And you will learn a lot from the group wisdom as well. You can be sure that someone will ask the questions you even don’t know you need to know the answers to.

So at the end you are leaving the seminar more confident about this work, theoretically saturated with some “hand on” working experience and with simple practical protocol which can help you contain and structure your work with the device. And the rest is up to you.

Thank you very much.

Susanna McIntyre, BVSc MRCVS, PDNN Naturopathic Nutritionist, Founding President of The British Veterinary Dental Association (01633 612595 / 07973 295891)

Thanks for an excellent course. I learned so much and now feel confident enough to treat people. I have read so much about how to use the Scenar Cosmodic but your course has taught me far more than everything I have read. Your vast experience and practical knowledge gave me enormous reassurance when we were treating each other and the patients that came in for us to treat under your expert eye. You just cannot beat real live hands on experience! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

Best wishes,


Dr Serap Akdag Gokmen, M.D., Eye Surgeon

Dear Vivienne and Sherine,

I can not even remember the number of hands-on training courses that I have attended so  far during my 25 years long professional life as a specialist medical doctor. The last experience with you during this training in London has been the most unforgettable one and a turning point in my entire professional life. I have always believed in the insufficiency of relying only on the surgical solutions and use of medicine as the method of medical treatments. On the other hand, I have always stayed away at a certain distance from totally holistic aproaches, while I appreciate some of them as alternative solutions on certain cases, because of their inability to generate measurable results most of the time.

On this occasion, I have personally seen and witnessed a very different approach with Scenar-Cosmodic to a number of medical problems. In this new aproach, differences between classical medical methods and holistic methods disappear and intuition, higher mind, love and affection and also wisdom mixes up with science to create a magnificent new method for medical diagnosis and treatment. We have all witnessed to an unbelievable synthesis of intuition and human oriented medical approach of the East with a miraculously new approach, most likely coming from beyond the Earth, during this training course.

Although I had a deep belief and thrust in Scenar-Cosmodic before I attended the course as a result of my early research efforts on the technology, the solid and flawless results I obtained during the course has encouraged me more.

I am now in the process of opening up my Eye and Scenar-Cosmodic treatments center in Ankara with all the courage and enthusiasm I got from you both. I had great honour and happiness because of getting together  and working with you and the other course attendants during that wonderful course. I am feeling very lucky to know you and attend that course. I would like to thank you all and wish to see you in Turkey as early as possible.

With My Warmest Regards,

Dr Serap Akdag Gokmen, M.D., Eye Surgeon

Dr Amy Dodd (Clinical psychologist)

As far as my testimonial, I’d really like you and Sherine to know how wonderful I felt my experience was. It was far more than I was expecting to be honest and I really enjoyed myself. I think the two things that stood out for me, were firstly the warmth that both you and Sherine exuded. It was lovely to meet you. I really enjoyed the balance of wit alongside the serious teaching. It is clear that you embody this as a way of life and I think that this is the biggest take home message for me – we have the power, if only we accept it.

Secondly the depth and particularly breadth of knowledge was awe inspiring. It gave the course an added dep[th and credibility that was a lovely surprise. It also opened me up to more avenues of learning that I would never have known to consider.

I hope to keep in touch. All the best in Mexico and beyond

Warmest Regards

Dr Amy Dodd

Scenar-Cosmodic Training June 2015

We have just completed our June 2015 training in London. It is always such a pleasure to enable people along their own developmental journey.

Sherine’s Demonstration

I hope that one participant will not mind my sharing something which was so beautiful to have witnessed. This concerned giving a stroke client a most beautiful treatment. After administering the initial diagnostic and treating protocols, the participant then decided to follow the clients responses in the moment using MYO mode. What was amazing was that not only was he able to let go of all preconceived ideas and allowed himself to just “flow” in the moment, he did this by using the massage capability of MYO mode in a truly transformational way. The surprise was that he has had no formal training in massage prior to this training.

It was as though he was literally became one with the device!!

Vivienne Supervising

On finishing not only did the client have an amazing shift but the practitioner was so full of energy that he stated that he could have done two more people. Isn’t it great that we when we work in a state of “flow” we not only get to treat the client successfully but possibly also get to experience beneficial effects .

Well done – you know who you are!! Keep up the good work.

Future training dates scheduled for 2015:
London (UK)- 5th, 6th & 7th August; 16th, 17th & 18th November
And for 2016 – USA
Ojai C.A. – 3 dates to be confirmed Scenar- Cosmodic Training – Part 1
Ojai C.A. – 4th day Cosmetology (Requires having obtained Part 1)

Join us for any of these training courses. We would love to help you on your healing journeys. Some training pictures.

Working with Clients









And – If you are in London then we also get to eat wonderful food from an amazing chef, Chris Kitch, who caters for the course.

Chris’s Food
Chris’s Food

Scenar-Cosmodic Training

Last week, myself and Vivienne Constad, completed our second professional training held at the Whittington Hospital London. On this three day course, participants got to learn not only how to work confidently with their new cosmodic devices, but also that had the opportunity to practise live with real clients under supervision.

The primary goal of the training was to help practitioners develop a multi-level approach to healing. As Cosmodic therapy means “all encompasing” our aim was to help the practitioner develop awareness far beyond that which they have done before.

Our over-riding belief is that as healers to give the very best treatment that we can we need to work with awareness. Therefore constantly throughout the course student practitioners were asked to explore connections between what they saw and or experienced to factors in the case history, connections with meridians or other modality knowledge and pay exquisite attention to how the clients explained their experiences i.e. listening for the body metaphors, etc. Practitioners were shown how to encourage a person towards a parthway of healing by leaning how to integrate nutritional approaches, genetic adaptation theory and understaning recovery reactions.

Our Ethos is that “Everything is Connected”! Thus recognising and / or learning to make connections not only increases their perceptiveness when treating clients but also would encourage them as practitioners to become even more creative in their practices.

We wish them well on their journey!!

Should you be interested in reading comments from the students and see datails for new courses please link to Scenar-Cosmodic Training.

Scenar-Cosmodic Training

On 12th & 13th March 2012 Vivienne Constad and I provided training for practitioners of Senar-Cosmodic Slider and Modific technology. Our outcome for the course to give practitioners:

  • An overview of the Professional Modific Slider and Standard devices, and providing an explanation of their options and settings.
  • Understand the technology and be able to clearly state the differences between Scenar and Cosmodic.
  • Set up and giving an appropriate consultation.
  • Rationale of how Scenar-Cosmodic technology restores homeostasis and re-educates the body.
  • How to ask the ‘right’ questions to enhance Cosmodic treatment.
  • How to accelerate healing in conjunction with Scenar-Cosmodic.
  • Understaning neurobiological interactions and Cosmodic technology principles.
  • Herrings Law and nutritional support.
  • Hands on training with the Professional device:
    • How to find the best area to treat
    • Skin impedance – direct links to CNS and organs
    •  How cells work
    • How to analyse diagnostic data
    • How to plot a course of treatment
    • How to plot a course of treat

The participant at the end of the course were awarded a certificate of attendance only.

For participants to obtain a full certification of competency they will need to:

  • Submission of six case studies of approximately ten sessions plus one break period
  • Sit a two hour practical examination where they will work on a client and receive feedback.

Certified Practitioners can are able to put ‘Scenar therapy’ onto their insurance once they have completed all the requirements.

The next Course is scheduled to be on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd May 2012

If you would like to become a practitioner of Scenar-Cosmodic or want to explore having treatments please contact myself or Vivenne Constad.


Simple solutions often get the job done!

Often when dealing with Panic Attacks I have found that people confuse their bodily sensations and attribute their feelings to something more sinister. For  example when they feel their heart beating rather rapidly and / or get palpitations they very seldom look for a simple cause. This is because these symptoms appear to arrive “out of the blue” and cannot be accounted for. As rational people we try to find a cause for our symptoms however, when symptoms are unable to be explained we begin to make assumptions that the symptoms are a sign that something is wrong.

We are neurologically primed to learn from experiences. The reason for this is so that we can protect ourselves for future events, particularly if the feeling is thought to be negative in nature. Once an unhelpful event happens we are, in effect, “on guard”, or at least our body is on “guard”. This can set up a “panic pattern” when the next incident that occurs is not resolved appropriately. People with panicky feelings tend to become intensely aware or watchful of sensations in the body.

Interestingly dehydration can often lead to these same symptoms occurring. In essence when a person is dehydrated the body has to compensate for the low blood pressure. It does this by making the heart beat faster to ensure that enough blood travels through the body. Most people are able to attribute these sensations to say having just done a workout or recognise that they have had less fluid over the day, etc, and can normalise them. However once in a panicky situation these sort of explanations seem implausible.

I have found in, my practice, that when people are stressed or anxious they can become chronically dehydrated. I also propose that people with addictions to alcohol, drugs and cigarette smoking whom go onto to develop panic feelings, that their panicky feelings may be in part as a result of chronic dehydration. I believe that when a person stops drinking alcohol their interest in replacing the alcohol with other fluid drops dramatically, causing them to become dehydrated. Thus their panicky feelings might just be initially switched on as a result of the compensatory effect of the body trying to raise the blood pressure.

In the case of heavy smoking, however, the blood supply to peripheral blood vessels is often decreased. When a person smokes the sympathetic nervous system is constantly being stimulated and the blood vessels in the hands and feet are constricted. This can result in an increase of the central circulating volume which results in a raised blood pressure. When people stop smoking this mechanism is no longer in play. The peripheral circulation now increases as the blood vessels dilate. This might not be a problem but if this happens very quickly then this might lead to a decrease of the central volume causing a rapid lowering of the blood pressure. The body’s compensatory mechanism is to again cause the heart to respond by beating rapidly.

A simple start to helping people with panic disorder is to ensure that they are appropriately hydrated. Of course this in no way diminishes the need for other psychological work or physical tests to be done. However it may go a long in mitigating bodily sensations occurring as a result of dehydration effects that may be wrongly attributed to as “panicky feelings!”

Coping Skills Training for Carers

I would like to thank all the participants that shared so much of themselves whilst being on the two day training courses. These courses were offered by for Haringey Council to help support people in their role as carers. The aim of the course was to help participants develop skills to:

  • Recognise physical signals that inform us that we are getting stressed
  • Learn how to identify the root the cause of that signal
  • Learn practical approaches to manage stressful feeling
  • Notice behavioural patterns that contribute to becoming stressed
  • Help coach each other to deal with difficult situations

The course was taught over two half days so that participants could apply course learning between trainings. The second day was geared to to follow up on any problems or difficulties they may have experienced with the exercises and provide opportunity to discuss their successes. My personal aim for the training was that I could provide a safe place where participants were able to explore their feelings regarding certain situations regarding the people they have responsibility caring for, and offer them strategies to help them find appropriate resources to deal with these situations for the future. The course was in essence a way to “listen” to what the body was telling them and then offer “live” demonstrations of how to deal with things. This way they could learn how to model these tequniques for later.

Gentle Birth Pregnancy and Post-Natal massage with Creative Healing

Last weekend I had the pleasure of training practitioners on the new Gentle Birth Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage Course. This course is specifically designed so that pregnant women can receive the benefits of a deeply relaxing massage in combination with Creative Healing treatments that target organs specifically challenged during pregnancy. This course is ideal in that practitioners get to work first hand on pregnant women. They are also encouraged to work under supervision at Gentle BirthCentres during their training. This gives them ample opportunity to practise their techniques and in doing so become confident gentle birth practitioners.

Needle Phobia

Sometimes the choice of therapies can be confusing for clients. A 13 year old boy came to me because he had a needle phobia. He was quite sick and needed many injections for his medical treatment. However, he was extremely afraid of needles.

I started off by asking what made him afraid of needles. I found out that he was not frightened of it being painful but was afraid that the needle would break off inside him. He was worried that once broken off the needle would travel to his heart and kill him. Instead of using psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, I helped him by taking a needle and demonstrating that even I hadn’t enough strength to break it. This cured the problem in one session!