Keeping to a New Year’s Resolution?

Why is it so difficult to Keep to a New Year’s Resolution?

Many of us make a New Year’s Resolutions at the start of every New Year. But what if, setting ourselves a goal is counter productive – that we will probably fail? Should we still malke them and if so what can we do that will help us succeed?


There is something about endings and beginnings which causes us to take stock and reassess our sucesses and failures.  This is not a problem but often when we do this,  we tend be overly critical which can make us feel rather uncomfortable.


If our discomfort is strong enough it probaby will cause us to act but, those actions are more like knee-jerk actions rather than considered well planned interventions.  Thus, often New Year’s Resolutions tend to be more like sudden inspirations and unfortunately having INSPIRATIONS does not necessarily mean CHANGE!!

Personally, I have been inspired many times and sometimes I have been able to follow though for a period of time but generally after a while those old habits creep in and all my good intentions were eroded away.

In my book, The AHA Moment, I write about my yo-yo dieting pattern which held me hostage for many, many years. I did just about every diet known and yet I still put the weight back on and even more some. I believe that this was because when I was inspired to lose, I would get excited and go at it with such vigour but when the reality set in and I realised just how hard it was going to be long-term to maintain it, I gave in and went back to my old ways.

Do we ned goals – Absolutely YES!!!

Now goals are important because they give us Focus, Resilience and most of all, a way to get us out of the bad feeling evern if the oevr-riding truth is that most GOALS OFTEN FAIL.

So what do we need to do that will most likely make our goals last?  Here are some ideas


We must to balance the amount of effort that it will take to do the new task aginst running old automatic patterns that are invested in keeping us the same.

Just pretending that will-power alone will do this is foolery because the fact is that although there are people may have huge amounts of will-power, most of us will give in at some point. I certainly did!

Therefore: We must determine how we are going to action our goals to “Maximise effect for the Least Amount of Effort” The fairy-tale story regarding The Hair and the Tortoise gives us an idea how we might go about this.

Baby-steps, repeated systematic small steps help us get to the goal. And, not only that, it also lays the foundation for neurogenisis (creation of new neural connections) to take place. Here we generate the new neural pattern and also  eliminate the old ones.


We must set a GOAL that SERVES us – We must set goals that are aligned to our IDENTITY and therefore the goals must be focused on something that is:

  • Worthwhile to you
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Contribute towards your overall happiness
  • Be aligned or coherent with your values, beliefs and passions

A goal that is aligned with our IDENTITY makes the task so much easier to maintain. Remeber, goals help us create focus, persistence and success.

So that when the going gets tough – the tough (YOU) can get going!


Once we have set the goal we must stop focusing on the outcome. We must the LET IT GO. This may seem a little counter-intuitive but OUR RESULTS ARE NOT TOTALLY IN OUR CONTROL! We can do actions but the Results are never guaranteed.

Importantly, our IDENTITY needs to be the driver that generates the impetus to keep our goals alive. Thus, our first real course of action must be to Commit fully and focus on finding the right systems that will work for us – A tried and tested systems.

If you are addicted to eating, drinking, gambling, etc. then you must find the system that will work for you or alternatively search out a person | organisation that has experienced what you are suffering from and follow their direction taking the actions that has been proven to work consistently.  


Invariably those systems will have

  • small actions BABY-STEPS because baby-steps make the goal more manageable, it is something that you can do immediately and it allows us to develop habits. Therefore baby-steps makes us happier, lighter and more fulfilled. So, we actually get happier with baby steps not being like the Hare!
  • Plan and a means of Monitoring how we action the Plan which allows us to evaluate our sucess continuously. When we can see that we are at we are getting somewhere and we are no longer stuck this boost our self-esteem. Moreover, when we tick of our boxes and see progress, we get the immediate ‘hit’ of success daily. This in turn builds our self morale and makes us feel more confident and self-assured.

Happy 2019.

If you like what I have been speaking about and you need some help on goal setting pop me an email listed in front or book yourself in for a discovery call and I will do what ever I can to help you achieve your goal

Are your decisions really your decisions?

We make gazillions of decisions every day – pretty much one a second sometimes more. Can you imagine having to consciously think every one of those decision? It would be so time consuming that we would never get anything done.

Our body has designed a way to save our energy through the creation of internal scripts that run automatically. This allows us to freely to do other things, which on the whole generally works well for us. However, in certain situations they can really limit us in our decision making capacity.

Nobel Awards winner Daniel Kahneman, author of the book “Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow, and co-founder of Prospect Theory  showed that people tend to default to certain cognitive biases, when presented with emotionally charged information.  He suggests that people are more likely to make a decision, not on the final outcome but rather on the potential value of perceived losses and gains.


So, in other words depending on how information is framed people will respond to the information given by becoming either more Risk Averse or Risk Seeking.


I am not going to go into this theory in great detail but it does have bearing on understanding how we might influence our clients, whether that be directly or indirectly. Or indeed how anyone in a position of responsibility might also do that, to the detriment of our client?

Recently,this very nearly happened for my client. Very briefly my client, who origionally came for chemotherapy optimisation support therapy, was asked towards the end of her chemotherapy course to take the BRCA1 gene test. This was because her type of cancer was linked to the BRCA1 gene. It was suggested if she tested positive to have prophylactic chemotherapy medication .

The BRCA1 is a human tumour suppressor gene (to be specific, a caretaker gene), found in all humans; its protein, also called by the synonym breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein, is responsible for repairing DNA.

The first question that I ask her was “What she was going to do if the result was positive?” I have found that often when people are faced with their mortality they generally go into a tail-spin. All they want to do is to survive and their brain jolts into one gear only. Sadly, this can seriously compromise their cognitive abilities and sometimes causing them to make some very seriously hasty decisions. Decisions that have the potential to result in long term consequence which that they may not be properly prepared for and which they then might regret.

I also asked her about the drug that was suggested she take, immediately looking it up for myself, and told her that the drug was another chemotherapy drug. I was surprised at how little information she had been given but what was even more concerning was, that she was going to be doing another year of chemotherapy and the doctor wasn’t sure when she would be able to stop administering the drug to her. There were no concrete test available for that.

Of course, I accept that she was quite stressed, at the time, but she seemed a little clueless here. Nevertheless, she did compile a list of questions to ask the doctor and did decide to have the prophylactic chemotherapy drug for a year. She then took a break and at her last check-up her doctor again suggested that she go back again onto the same prophylactic chemotherapy drug. This was despite all her results parameters being normal.

However, this time she questioned the validity of his decisions telling him that didn’t want any more of the prophylactic treatment.  He immediately told her that she needed to “do this for her children”. He even had the audacity to impress on her to think about “how her children might feel if she died” – implying that it would be her fault.

Talk about pressure!!

I, congratulated my client because she immediately sought another doctor who after some investigations told her that her risk of getting breast cancer  was a little higher than the average post menopausal woman, but was really quite small when looked at theough the age specific window. This was because she was now fully though the menopause, eating well, actively taking charge of her life and was dealing purposefully with all factors known to potentiate disease.

However, the specialist did ask my client to think about whether she would regret her decision if the disease came back? This was not to scare her but to help her have clarity on the choices that she was making.

Research shows us that people generally go for risk minimising effects – the safe option rather than the risker option for fear of future consequences. So, we would put ourselves in danger for the bigger goal of being safe in the future. And in my client’s case that her children would not feel pain or blame her in the future.

My client immediately recognised that this was one of the questions I had asked at our first session and was glad to see that she had gone leaps and bounds ahead, pretty much ensuring that she kept herself healthy. She believed that she was doing the best that she can and that she is making the right choice for her. Also, that she was not being careless wth her decision and that was taking responsibility for her choices. She reckoned that she could be hit by a car tomorrow and the same senario would apply for her children.

For the moment my client is content with that decision. She knows that she is still being monitored and that if things change she can always reverse her decision.

If you are ever in this position here are a couple of tips that you can do that might help you:

  1. Get as much information that you can and also talk to people that may have been in your situation. Do not hide this from people, tell them – keeping things in is not good for you.
  2. Speak to people that have made different decisions on what the doctors have prescribed. Find out what helped them make a decision and importantly how did they know when the decision was made. This will give you a more balanced view. They have been through it and they can give you the benefit of their learning and any regrets that they may have had.
  3. Go on the assumption that unless something is life threatening right now i.e. you are bleeding out, there is probably a couple of days to make a decision. Take the time!!!
  4. Check your level of anxiety – if you have feelings of foreboding then it is very likely you will be persuaded by family dynamics, your doctor or any other person. You decisions will be based on their fears and might not be on your own decisions!
  5. You best decision comes when you feel a sense of calm – this doesn’t mean that you still don’t have some concerns but that you are at peace with the decision that you make – you take ownership of it.

For more information about dealing with these sorts of situation you can message or email me.


Cosmodic in Burma using Slider 3

Case 1

Treatment of Painful shoulder caused by fall down a hill slope

Because of the nature of where we were located (everyone sleeping in the same room) it was not possible to do a protocol treatment so I just focused on doing an immediate emergency treatment protocol.

I chose to work in Pure Slider Auto Mode at 10 setting. Rationale for this was client is an older client and so I felt that she may respond better to a slower impute for the signal administration. I also considered that since she was also quite anxious that her sympathetic activation would be quite high which might result in immediate reflexive style responses.

I took readings all around her right shoulder region (front and back) and neck areas and dosed the highest numbers. I did this for 30 minutes. She started to physically relax more and felt less pain but was experiencing discomfort more in her middle back in the region where trapezius and latissimus-dorsi muscles overlap (roughly around T6-T9).

I changed to Scenar Slider MYO and put the power to 90% as client could not feel it at all. Slider 3 intensity is much less that Slider 2 so I waited to see if there was much muscle response that might indicate power too high. There was not. I MYO’d for 30 minutes going over the whole of the trapezius muscle both left and right. The client towards the 25-minute mark felt an immediate release and physically relaxed completely. I reduced the power to 20% and just lightly slowed things down and completed the treatment.

Next morning client stated that she had had a fantastic night and had no pain at all. Thought the day the pain never returned however later that evening I did a shorter treatment mainly in Scenar Slider MYO power setting at 50% to reinforce the work. She had no further pain throughout the rest of the journey and was surprised that it worked.

Case 2

Cosmodic to treat Back Pain using Slider 3

Client hurt his lower back when trying to help to stop a tourist from falling down a steep and breaking her leg. He was holding her tightly in a very unnatural position and was straining his back muscles very hard until the people involved could deal with the tourist safely and he could “let go”. Once he could stand up he immediately he felt extreme pain and was forced to lay on ground. At that point, he took a lot of pain killers and continued with the cycling tour. He has had a fair deal of consistent pain rating between 8-10/10 most days, since this incident is and has been unable to carry more than 3 kg of weigh on his back which is rather limiting as he usually can do 20 easily.

Although he is taking less analgesia he is still taking more that he should be and in hefty doses. Client is a relatively fit person in his thirties, eats healthily and does not drink. No medical or surgical history of note that could interfere or be exacerbated with giving a treatment.


3-pathway protocol was done to open receptors in S/C Slider Auto and then changed to Scenar Slider 10 Auto Mode with power at medium. I dosed at the highest reading which were at approx. level of T 10-12 and L1-3 4 positions on left working for three positions along the dermatome before moving across to the right paravertebral area opposite and three positions along the dermatome to the right firstly to balance and the numbers were still high however I also considered that when treating on right the client experienced a sudden immense pain in shoulder so much so that he visibly shook.

Once the once dose completed (after 25min) I decided to work in Scenar Slider MYO Mode with power setting 70% locally over the shoulder region. At one point on the shoulder, he felt that something was happening – the spot was almost extatically good, so I stayed there until all pain left then dispersed the energy.

When I did a body check he had some discomfort in his right lower thoracic-upper lumbar region I located the spot and dosed around that area in Scenar Slider Auto 10 Mode Power medium and treated until pain had abated before dispersing the energy in Scenar MYO at allow power setting.  I finished treatment after about 40 minutes

Was pain free immediately after session. The client did not take any analgesia overnight and was still completely pain free the morning of the next day.  Since he was my tour guide he was constantly busy but every time I enquired how he was he stated that he was still pain free. I asked him that he needed another treatment when the symptoms had changed but right up till the time we left he did not have any changes. These changes seemed to have remained as he notified me some weeks later that he was still feeling good. There had been no relapsing.

On reflection, I also did some NLP techniques whilst doing the treatment to help free energetic ties that may be still attached to the trauma that he had experienced. This being done at the same time might perhaps have added another dimension that made this treatment so quick and long-lasting.

Using Cosmodic For Infertility and Turning Breech Baby

Case 1

Cosmodic Therapy to turn Breech Baby using Slider 1.

One-off session. The client (36 years) was in her 41st week of pregnancy and wanted to know if I could possibly use this treatment for turning her baby.  She had already undergone had a manual procedure at the hospital to turn her baby but the baby had stayed firmly in place. She was really concerned that as the baby was also slightly bigger than expected that which meant that she might have to have a caesarean section.

A quick history illuminated that this was a first-time birth; the client stated that there had been no complications during the pregnancy other than some bloating and constipation with the occasional twinge of back ache.

On abdominal examination, the baby was breech sitting very high up and appeared to make her breathless. There appeared to be plenty of air in her abdominal region on percussion and looking around her pelvis there appeared to be some congestive oedema. I suspected that she possibly was quite constipated which may have filled up her pelvic region making it hard for the baby to engage into the pelvis.

I did the standard 3-pathway protocol along the spine and paravertebral regions in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto. Most of her high reading were located around the liver, pancreas and spleen areas (roughly about her T 6-7-8 regions) and lower colon (in roughly upper sacral area). Since the highest readings were on the liver I treated there first, the numbers were still highly activated when I went back to do a dosing treatment. I then worked couple of electrode widths along the dermatome to the right to be directly over the back of the liver.

Once those numbers reduced I moved across to the left paravertebral to balance. I also decided to dose one level up on the midline as this is also a main feed tor the heart (around T5-T7) as I felt that this would help with her anxiety.  Working over this region took approximately 17 minutes. During this time, she was telling me that she was feeling very relaxed and the baby was moving around in her stomach a little more although it was still in the breech position. She also had plenty of abdominal sounds indicating that something was happening.

Given this was her first session and I know that pregnant women can be rather unstable in the way they regulate their circulation I decided to change to Scenar Slider MYO at power setting 30% and massages over the lower hack and sacral regions. My consciousness was that I wanted the tissues to soften and become more elastic as this would allow for the muscles to move evenly and help open the pelvis a bit more. The client left me feeling very happy stating that she could feel things moving.

Later that evening she had an effective evacuated (a large amount of stool) and experienced that baby doing very extreme movements. She also had fell a drop in her stomach and was concerned and went into the maternity section in her hospital and they told her that the baby had turned but no contractions.  She had a 4-hour delivery three days later. She did not need an episiotomy and there were no tears. She was very delighted.

Case 2

Cosmodic Treatment for Infertility using Slider 2:

33-year-old lady presented with infertility issues and was coming for reflexology treatments. Her history was that she had been trying to get pregnant for the last year. Her mother had died just prior to them starting their fertility journey but this still felt very raw still. She also had a rather stressful job with a lot of demands placed upon her needing to meet deadlines and combined with her failure to get pregnant she was feeling very anxious indeed.

She had never been pregnant before but had undergone testing and everything seemed to be for her age. Her diet incorporated plenty of fruit, vegetables and some meats – mainly fish. Her weight was within good parameters. In her first reflexology treatment, her feet were very withdrawn showing “emotional shutdown”, distortions to normal flow in kidneys, sacral region, neck heart and colon.

I saw her weekly doing reflexology and some abdominal drainage work for about 6 weeks. I had mentioned Scenar-Cosmodic therapy continuously during these sessions but she didn’t like the idea of having it. However, on the 7th week she finally agreed to me giving her a Scenar-Cosmodic therapy treatment. I gave her 5 Scenar-Cosmodic sessions. On all sessions, I initiated the session with the 3-pathway protocol in the default setting of Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto. For the first three session, the main areas of high activation and which I treated were the sacral and lower lumbar regions and the areas around C7 and just below. I finished all sessions on with the dispersing the energy using Scenar Cosmodic Slider Myo with power setting of 20-35 depending on where I started.

Immediately after the first session following doing MYO at the left shoulder region (approximately in line with 4 cm from down from C7 a very bright red spot came up just over her heart region. Given her grieving about her mum and her lack of getting pregnant I took this to be a sign that what really needed to be treated is the heart region. The redness resolved before she left the session room.  The next two follow-up sessions were much the same in activation. She complained of her candida having been activated – this would explain some of the lower sacral and lumbar activations.

On her fourth sessions, the chart the heart area readings started to become more activated. I was pleased to see this as she was beginning to show physical signs of relaxing much more and was also telling me that she had begun doing more work to help her relax. She also stated that she was feeling much more positive about things.

However, she was complaining of intense bloating I the area of her ovaries which felt very hot to touch. During this treatment which took 35 minutes in total dosing was very quick however it took 23 minutes to dose in the region over the right paravertebral approximately 12 cm from C7. Area estimated to be close to right atrium – the body’s pacemaker location. However, it was over the left paravertebral on electrodes width to the side that she told me that she was becoming super relaxed – unusually so! Her bloating had was gone and the area felt normal to touch.

The last session that she attended for SCT her activation readings were mainly in the neck and the hear region. She was calmer but a little upset that her partner was not doing all he can to help with his part of the sperm health. She had a little discomfort over her abdominal regions but that it had been a very stressful week and that her neck and shoulders were tight. The treatment lasted 34 minutes. Dosing areas of activation were quick with however the longest treatment did not dose at 20 minutes 4 electrode widths to the left (top of the shoulder) in line with C7. MYO was done again to disperse the energy in these regions using Scenar Slider MYO setting power 30%.

She then went away on holiday and became pregnant and decided that this was the completion of her treatment.

Choosing Ourselves – Breaking free of Drama and stepping into our Dharma

I finally saw my drama story as it really was. I was 52 years of age, 55lbs overweight, seriously suffering from physical symptoms and very unhappy with myself. I was stuck because, for the first time ever, I couldn’t lose the weight that I was carrying. In the past I had been an expert at losing weight, something I was really proud of, which meant that I had never had to learn how to maintain the new weight – I didn’t need to.

So now I was in the position where the very thing that I could count on failed me and so for the first time I had to face myself and make some tough decisions. This wasn’t going to be easy because I was stuck in the DRAMA and therefore I needed something drastic, to get me out of it. Luckily, I experienced my AHA Moment where I saw a way to move away from the DRAMA and step into my DHARMA (my truth).

Typically, the reason that we don’t simply step outside our DRAMA is because there is usually some behavioural issue that is getting in our way – KARMA. Now I know, the way KARMA being used here is not what is traditionally accepted, however if we apply some neurological understanding to KARMA it can make a lot of sense.

Think of KARMA as the conditioned learning that we intrinsically inherit and extrinsically obtain. Our intrinsic inheritance is comprised of our basic genetic material and the adaptive epigenetic permutations to those genes, resulting from familial stressors, and extrinsic influences which are obtain by our own actions throughout our lifetime.

Thus, KARMA could be thought of being more like a behavioural imprint that set us up for challenges in our life. When we overcome these challenges, they give our lives purpose and meaning.

So, how do we go about exiting the DRAMA and release ourselves of our KARMA so that we can step into our DARMA – our Purpose?

The simple answer is that we must act differently the moment we become conscious of being in the DRAMA. Very easy to say but can be very difficult to do because when we are in the DRAMA we usually experience this as some sort of internal conflict or threat, which automatically activates our innate stress response otherwise known as the FIGHT – FLIGHT – FREEZE mechanism. However, because we grow up in social groups we learn behavioural strategies that help us resolve situations when we feel uncomfortable or threatened. We then adopt these behaviours to become our preferred automatic conditioned responses – KARMA.

These behaviours now directly influence every decision that we make but what is more important here, is that they might not really even be ours. These are behaviours we have modelled from our parents, teachers, friends, etc. and therefore, we end up living someone else’s DHARMA (ideas and beliefs), and not our own. When we stop and choose ourselves before taking action we get the opportunity to transform everything from that moment onwards.

The reason this is important is because just prior to the FIGHT – FLIGHT – FREEZE response mechanism being activated there is a moment of “immobility”. This is a moment of Transition, where absolutely nothing is happening neurologically. Think of it as information “being held within the synaptic gap” or between the neurons over which the impulse must pass before being transmitted onto the next neuron.

At this is a moment it is as though time stops and where ‘Everything is held in Potential – nothing is yet coded and therefore no meaning is attached’. This is the moment we are at our most GOD-LIKE where we become the Creator of our reality. So, when we give ourselves a suggestion at this point we will instantly create rippling effects throughout our body and mind. The culmination of hundreds and thousands of neurons doing the exact same thing, is what creates AHA Moments.

In my AHA Moment time stood still – it was a holding space where I could feel, see, hear the entire universe all as one. I told myself that ICAN lose weight and that I would be successful because I had the power in me, to do it. In My AHA Moment I chose myself really for the first time.

From then on, I started walking another path and I know that you too can do that if you allow yourself to “s-t-r-e-t-c-h time” a little. If you learn to use that moment to Stop, Assess, Re-evaluate and then Act  then You will obtain the Keys to the Kingdom.

“It is better to perform your own dharma badly than to perform the dharma of another perfectly”

Lord Krishna teachings (Bhagavad-Gita: Chapter 18, Verse 47)

Sudden changes that force us to move outside our “comfort zone” should be greatly welcomed and not something to be frightened of.  Think of these changes as being our soul calling us….reminding us that we must fulfill our unique purpose.

Unfortunately, this can be challenging as we are not given guidance on what our purpose is which can cause a huge amount of confusion and angst. Also, we might even find out that our purpose may not be what we think it is and we could be actually fulfilling someone elese’s purpose and therefore, not our own. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, we are reminded that the only obligation that our soul seems to require of us is that we find out what our purpose is – and then to do it.

Now, I apprecialte that some of you might not subscribe to a life’s purpose never mind living some else’s purpose or dharma. But, if you are experience any of these signposts then you just be doing that:

  • Constantly experiencing the fear of missing out (FROMO) on things, needing to be the same as others. More common in young adolescents that are subjected to intense social pressures and whom have a great need to fit in – but not exclusively as this is also can occur in many adults.
  • Worrying about the future and especially believing if you feel your future is running away from you and you feel that you haven’t truly lived yet
  • Experiencing feelings of being over looked, undervalued and denigrated by the people that surround you
  • Seeing other people benefitting from our hard work with no real benefit to yourself.

So how do we begin to fall so easily into living someone else’s purpose. Actually it is very easy to do. We start doing this pattern very early in our lives because we must learn to safely navigate social situations that we are in.

And depending on the types of experiences we have and our temperamental make-up we will have a propensity for certain behaviours that will either, promote us living one’s own purpose or directly doing someone else’s.

Child that are the most adaptable, the one’s that can most easily fit in are usually the one’s that become the caretakers of others. Now, there is nothing wrong with caring for others or being of service to others, however if these children are not encouraged to learn to listen to and act on what their own heart is telling to do when they are conflicted, then these children are the most likely to live another person’s dharma.

So how do we go about noticing when we are in this situation so that we are forced into a change that is unmanageable for us ad which migh cause us a lot of trauma. What we need to do is to develop an intense awareness our inner feelings i.e. when we are conflicted, frustrationed, sad, feeling stuck or virtually any of those negative feeling. When this happens we need to do the following actions:

  • Stop – Whatever we are doing and notice what is going on | Slow Time Down and Breathe
  • Reassess – The way we are thinking, our behaviours and our feelings and see if they are valid – Ask ourselves “Is this really true”?
  • Re-evaluate – Ask ourselves “Is this in alignment with who I AM and who I Want to Be
  • Act – Congruently act upon the information that we are being given

Emotional Freedom Technique for Anxiety

I just had an amazing result helping an 80-year-old lady resolve her fear of injections in her eye. She needed the injections they were treating her macular degeneration so that she wouldn’t go blind. She was already blind in her one eye because of the condition and so it was very understandable that she would be anxious.

Prior to this session she already had 13 injections, although from about the 10 injection she found that she was getting more anxious. She managed to cope but on the 14th injection she freaked out and they cancelled the procedure. She had another failed procedure after that and she was now getting desperate. What had started happening around the 10th session was that she was experiencing that the ceiling was coming down upon her but at the last sessions the whole room had become stable and she was experiencing intense vertigo like symptoms.

To put a little more pressure on me she said that she could only afford one treatment. Actually, I don’t think that she expected the treatment to work but she was relatively easy with the kind of therapy that I did although she didn’t know what they were. She had been referred to me by a client that I had successfully helped and that was good enough for her.

After a detailed history, I realised that I needed to do something more drastic so I opted to do EFT with her. EFT is a brilliant therapy as is very good at dramatically down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system, the system that is responsible for our flight-fight-freeze response mechanism, whilst at the same time giving a voice to those inner fears that we are thinking but are too afraid to verbalise. EFT is also very easy to do as there are specific acupuncture points that one taps on whilst saying a statement that is related to the issue at hand. It is easy to follow, is well structured and most importantly the person can do at home by themselves to top up the session.

Personally, one of the great things about EFT is that if the person really doesn’t know where to start, I am able to imagine what it would be like to say what is likely to be bothering them at the start of the procedure. Because I am in tune with them, it invariable resonates for them and they get to connect to the emotions surrounding the issue very quickly. Then it is a matter of peeling the layers and allowing new information to come in and process that.

We stopped when the intensity of the feeling came down and it was possible to do a pre-emptive projection in to the future where she was having the operation. At different points along the way, where there may have been some discomfort, we looked for the learning that she needed to have before resolving the feeling further.

We stopped when she said that she was done after going through the future event a couple of times without there being any fearful feelings. In the post talk she connected to a significant event that although not connected, may be attributed to another issue that was concerning her. She agreed to do the protocol at home if anything came up for her to resolve issues otherwise she would use it to just install positive feelings.

I am very pleased to say that the results of her effort were a resounding success. Not only did she get to have the injection but that everything went exactly as she planned namely; that the ceiling stayed perfectly still, that she had felt safe the whole way through, that she happily went on her own to the clinic and that she was able to have a conversation with the doctor the whole way though the operation.

The ICAN®Change Model for Transformative Change

Recently I have been extremely busy in attempting to get my book The Aha  Moment  finished so that it could be published. Thankfully it is now out there for everyone to read. However, I must say that it has been quite a journey for me and I wanted to share some of my learning with you.

Of course, you can buy the book for yourself, and I hope after this blog you will read it. The people that have done so have found it immensely useful for them. However, I wanted to just share a little of what was going on for me so that you would have a glimpse of the process that I took. You might even decide to write your own story.

As a therapist, I had many insights and stories to tell but when I started writing I really didn’t know what I wanted to put down on paper. I had a total mind block where all those pearls of wisdom just left me and it became harder and harder to find the nugget that I was wanting to share with the world. It was only when I looked at the areas in my life where I had overcome difficulties that I realised perhaps that this was what I was meant to talk about. I later found that this correlated with a lot of what was happening for my clients but somehow completely blind to that.  My story was that I had been a Yo-Yo dieter since the age of 14 and had never learnt that to keep the weight off. You see I was so ‘addicted to the feeling of control’ that I had during the weight loss program that I never really wanted to learn how to keep the weight off permanently. So, I never instigated actions that would make the weight loss stick!

Looking back, I realised that it was only when I learnt how to maximise the way my brain likes to optimally work that I could make those changes stick. To do this I found that I needed to address the three natural barriers to change which involved learning how to activate my brain’s natural mismatch mechanisms. These mechanisms are pivotal for any new learning to take place. What I did was to notice when I was doing my ‘bad habit’ and to change it automatically. This instantly primed my neurology to future situations where I might relapse into my old ways so that I could immediately become aware and make a different choice.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) commented that “No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” and moreover that the definition of insanity “is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result”.  So, I had to do something that I hadn’t done before – I had to focus on changing my brain so that I could persistently manifest those change behaviours, with limited effort at all. The result of the accumulation of my brain changing would effectively create a new state of being for me.

From my learning, I created the ICAN® Change Transformation Model, which is designed to create incremental changes in your brain every time that you do targeted actions to encourage brain changes. These changes are designed to heighten the neural activity in our brain so that when we reach a threshold level a transformation or Aha Moment can happen.

Current research on the use of therapeutic drugs to generate Aha Moments to help people change habitual has been shown to be effective. However, people do slowly relapse back into their old ways. I believe this is because people have not done the actual work to ensure that the transformation sticks and that means that their old patterns are still running.

After my big Aha Moment, I realised that these intensely spiritual-like states could be created naturally, without drugs. If we could only produce these mental states then we could have permanent change that is relatively effortless and easy. The ICAN® Change Transformation Model does just this. ICAN® uses psychotherapeutic modalities such as hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, EFT, Clean Language, Coherence Therapy to help create the neurological changes within the brain that maximise the possibility of Aha Moments to happen. Thus, because ICAN® is designed to help you to generate your own intuitive Aha Moment it is a very safe and effective programme for you to do.

Scenar-Cosmodic Training in London – 2016

 We have just completed another Training course in London and would like to thank all the participants for attending.We were fortunate to have a diverse group with practitioners and doctors coming from as far as Canada, Australia, Sweden and Greece, in addition to our lovely locals from around the UK for the 3-Day intensive practitioner training and one-day Cosmetology

We certainly all had a lot of fun and a heap of interesting discussions that kept us on our toes. All participants said that they found the course material immensely valuable in helping them learn to work their devices properly, administer a Scenar-Cosmodic treatments that maximises recovery and integrate this into a holistic approach. All students stated that they would strongly recommend our course to other practitioners.

We would also like to say a very special heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers that gave of their time to be treated by the students. As always valuable learning takes place during these sessions. We would also like to give a special thanks to the Chris Kitch Team that provided the most delicious food.

Thank you all. Here are some of the highlights

Vivienne demonstrating the new Slider 3
Vivienne demonstrating the new Slider 3
Again Slider 3 in action
Again Slider 3 in action
Enthusiastic participants
Enthusiastic participants
Our first Greek fully qualified practitioner
Our first Greek fully qualified practitioner – Well done Sousanna
Even Doctors did well
Even Doctors did well
Doing a great job!
Doing a great job!
Plenty of delicious food and conversation
Plenty of delicious food and conversation




























Our participants were thrilled by the beautiful food provided by Chris Kitch and his team








The Cosmetology Day was successful demonstrating the wide range of therapeutic approaches that Scenar-Cosmodic Therapy has.

Cosmetology Day
Cosmetology Day
Looking very relaxed and happy
Looking very relaxed and happy










Before Treatment
Before Treatment
After Treatment
After Treatment




Scenar-Cosmodic Training in Ojai, CA. 2016

Vivienne and I have just completed our second Scenar-Cosmodic training in Ojai, CA. It was wonderful to be back at the Krishna Murti centre – home from home.

Again we had a wonderful group of students coming from as far as Australia to attend the course. It is always so good to have the opportunity to do what we love doing and seeing students develop from complete novices to almost complete practitioners in their own right.

Sherine and Vivienne
Sherine and Vivienne

Feedback from the students was that they very much appreciated treating not only fellow students but also real clients, who very kindly made themselves available as bodies to be treated. We are so grateful to these clients for giving valuable feedback, greatly helping to accelerate student’s  learning.

We were also fortunate to launch our second one-day Cosmetology workshop which hopefully will become yet another valuable addition to our training courses.

We would especially like give our heartfelt l thanks to our lovely course co-coordinator Anat Dagan without who’s help we would not have easily managed.

Here are some pictures of the course:

Group Picture
Group Picture
Vivienne, Anat and Sherine
Vivienne, Anat and Sherine
Vivienne working with client
Vivienne working with client
Device and hand positions
Device and hand positions





The correct had positioning to ensure maximum contact with electrodes in what ever position one is workingin



steve 4

Facial Cosmetology Day

Facial Cosmetology
Facial Cosmetology Day
Facial Cosmetology Day
Facial Cosmetology Day


Getting the gist of things

Complete relaxation




Over all feedback from the student tell us that that they found the course very insightful and a safe place to learn. Furthermore unlike any other health related courses we had achieved our outcome of creating a totally integrated approach to health and well-being. They all said that they would highly recommend the course to others.