Using Cosmodic For Infertility and Turning Breech Baby

Case 1

Cosmodic Therapy to turn Breech Baby using Slider 1.

One-off session. The client (36 years) was in her 41st week of pregnancy and wanted to know if I could possibly use this treatment for turning her baby.  She had already undergone had a manual procedure at the hospital to turn her baby but the baby had stayed firmly in place. She was really concerned that as the baby was also slightly bigger than expected that which meant that she might have to have a caesarean section.

A quick history illuminated that this was a first-time birth; the client stated that there had been no complications during the pregnancy other than some bloating and constipation with the occasional twinge of back ache.

On abdominal examination, the baby was breech sitting very high up and appeared to make her breathless. There appeared to be plenty of air in her abdominal region on percussion and looking around her pelvis there appeared to be some congestive oedema. I suspected that she possibly was quite constipated which may have filled up her pelvic region making it hard for the baby to engage into the pelvis.

I did the standard 3-pathway protocol along the spine and paravertebral regions in Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto. Most of her high reading were located around the liver, pancreas and spleen areas (roughly about her T 6-7-8 regions) and lower colon (in roughly upper sacral area). Since the highest readings were on the liver I treated there first, the numbers were still highly activated when I went back to do a dosing treatment. I then worked couple of electrode widths along the dermatome to the right to be directly over the back of the liver.

Once those numbers reduced I moved across to the left paravertebral to balance. I also decided to dose one level up on the midline as this is also a main feed tor the heart (around T5-T7) as I felt that this would help with her anxiety.  Working over this region took approximately 17 minutes. During this time, she was telling me that she was feeling very relaxed and the baby was moving around in her stomach a little more although it was still in the breech position. She also had plenty of abdominal sounds indicating that something was happening.

Given this was her first session and I know that pregnant women can be rather unstable in the way they regulate their circulation I decided to change to Scenar Slider MYO at power setting 30% and massages over the lower hack and sacral regions. My consciousness was that I wanted the tissues to soften and become more elastic as this would allow for the muscles to move evenly and help open the pelvis a bit more. The client left me feeling very happy stating that she could feel things moving.

Later that evening she had an effective evacuated (a large amount of stool) and experienced that baby doing very extreme movements. She also had fell a drop in her stomach and was concerned and went into the maternity section in her hospital and they told her that the baby had turned but no contractions.  She had a 4-hour delivery three days later. She did not need an episiotomy and there were no tears. She was very delighted.

Case 2

Cosmodic Treatment for Infertility using Slider 2:

33-year-old lady presented with infertility issues and was coming for reflexology treatments. Her history was that she had been trying to get pregnant for the last year. Her mother had died just prior to them starting their fertility journey but this still felt very raw still. She also had a rather stressful job with a lot of demands placed upon her needing to meet deadlines and combined with her failure to get pregnant she was feeling very anxious indeed.

She had never been pregnant before but had undergone testing and everything seemed to be for her age. Her diet incorporated plenty of fruit, vegetables and some meats – mainly fish. Her weight was within good parameters. In her first reflexology treatment, her feet were very withdrawn showing “emotional shutdown”, distortions to normal flow in kidneys, sacral region, neck heart and colon.

I saw her weekly doing reflexology and some abdominal drainage work for about 6 weeks. I had mentioned Scenar-Cosmodic therapy continuously during these sessions but she didn’t like the idea of having it. However, on the 7th week she finally agreed to me giving her a Scenar-Cosmodic therapy treatment. I gave her 5 Scenar-Cosmodic sessions. On all sessions, I initiated the session with the 3-pathway protocol in the default setting of Scenar-Cosmodic Slider Auto. For the first three session, the main areas of high activation and which I treated were the sacral and lower lumbar regions and the areas around C7 and just below. I finished all sessions on with the dispersing the energy using Scenar Cosmodic Slider Myo with power setting of 20-35 depending on where I started.

Immediately after the first session following doing MYO at the left shoulder region (approximately in line with 4 cm from down from C7 a very bright red spot came up just over her heart region. Given her grieving about her mum and her lack of getting pregnant I took this to be a sign that what really needed to be treated is the heart region. The redness resolved before she left the session room.  The next two follow-up sessions were much the same in activation. She complained of her candida having been activated – this would explain some of the lower sacral and lumbar activations.

On her fourth sessions, the chart the heart area readings started to become more activated. I was pleased to see this as she was beginning to show physical signs of relaxing much more and was also telling me that she had begun doing more work to help her relax. She also stated that she was feeling much more positive about things.

However, she was complaining of intense bloating I the area of her ovaries which felt very hot to touch. During this treatment which took 35 minutes in total dosing was very quick however it took 23 minutes to dose in the region over the right paravertebral approximately 12 cm from C7. Area estimated to be close to right atrium – the body’s pacemaker location. However, it was over the left paravertebral on electrodes width to the side that she told me that she was becoming super relaxed – unusually so! Her bloating had was gone and the area felt normal to touch.

The last session that she attended for SCT her activation readings were mainly in the neck and the hear region. She was calmer but a little upset that her partner was not doing all he can to help with his part of the sperm health. She had a little discomfort over her abdominal regions but that it had been a very stressful week and that her neck and shoulders were tight. The treatment lasted 34 minutes. Dosing areas of activation were quick with however the longest treatment did not dose at 20 minutes 4 electrode widths to the left (top of the shoulder) in line with C7. MYO was done again to disperse the energy in these regions using Scenar Slider MYO setting power 30%.

She then went away on holiday and became pregnant and decided that this was the completion of her treatment.

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