Cosmodic in Burma using Slider 3

Case 1

Treatment of Painful shoulder caused by fall down a hill slope

Because of the nature of where we were located (everyone sleeping in the same room) it was not possible to do a protocol treatment so I just focused on doing an immediate emergency treatment protocol.

I chose to work in Pure Slider Auto Mode at 10 setting. Rationale for this was client is an older client and so I felt that she may respond better to a slower impute for the signal administration. I also considered that since she was also quite anxious that her sympathetic activation would be quite high which might result in immediate reflexive style responses.

I took readings all around her right shoulder region (front and back) and neck areas and dosed the highest numbers. I did this for 30 minutes. She started to physically relax more and felt less pain but was experiencing discomfort more in her middle back in the region where trapezius and latissimus-dorsi muscles overlap (roughly around T6-T9).

I changed to Scenar Slider MYO and put the power to 90% as client could not feel it at all. Slider 3 intensity is much less that Slider 2 so I waited to see if there was much muscle response that might indicate power too high. There was not. I MYO’d for 30 minutes going over the whole of the trapezius muscle both left and right. The client towards the 25-minute mark felt an immediate release and physically relaxed completely. I reduced the power to 20% and just lightly slowed things down and completed the treatment.

Next morning client stated that she had had a fantastic night and had no pain at all. Thought the day the pain never returned however later that evening I did a shorter treatment mainly in Scenar Slider MYO power setting at 50% to reinforce the work. She had no further pain throughout the rest of the journey and was surprised that it worked.

Case 2

Cosmodic to treat Back Pain using Slider 3

Client hurt his lower back when trying to help to stop a tourist from falling down a steep and breaking her leg. He was holding her tightly in a very unnatural position and was straining his back muscles very hard until the people involved could deal with the tourist safely and he could “let go”. Once he could stand up he immediately he felt extreme pain and was forced to lay on ground. At that point, he took a lot of pain killers and continued with the cycling tour. He has had a fair deal of consistent pain rating between 8-10/10 most days, since this incident is and has been unable to carry more than 3 kg of weigh on his back which is rather limiting as he usually can do 20 easily.

Although he is taking less analgesia he is still taking more that he should be and in hefty doses. Client is a relatively fit person in his thirties, eats healthily and does not drink. No medical or surgical history of note that could interfere or be exacerbated with giving a treatment.


3-pathway protocol was done to open receptors in S/C Slider Auto and then changed to Scenar Slider 10 Auto Mode with power at medium. I dosed at the highest reading which were at approx. level of T 10-12 and L1-3 4 positions on left working for three positions along the dermatome before moving across to the right paravertebral area opposite and three positions along the dermatome to the right firstly to balance and the numbers were still high however I also considered that when treating on right the client experienced a sudden immense pain in shoulder so much so that he visibly shook.

Once the once dose completed (after 25min) I decided to work in Scenar Slider MYO Mode with power setting 70% locally over the shoulder region. At one point on the shoulder, he felt that something was happening – the spot was almost extatically good, so I stayed there until all pain left then dispersed the energy.

When I did a body check he had some discomfort in his right lower thoracic-upper lumbar region I located the spot and dosed around that area in Scenar Slider Auto 10 Mode Power medium and treated until pain had abated before dispersing the energy in Scenar MYO at allow power setting.  I finished treatment after about 40 minutes

Was pain free immediately after session. The client did not take any analgesia overnight and was still completely pain free the morning of the next day.  Since he was my tour guide he was constantly busy but every time I enquired how he was he stated that he was still pain free. I asked him that he needed another treatment when the symptoms had changed but right up till the time we left he did not have any changes. These changes seemed to have remained as he notified me some weeks later that he was still feeling good. There had been no relapsing.

On reflection, I also did some NLP techniques whilst doing the treatment to help free energetic ties that may be still attached to the trauma that he had experienced. This being done at the same time might perhaps have added another dimension that made this treatment so quick and long-lasting.

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