Choosing Ourselves – Breaking free of Drama and stepping into our Dharma

I finally saw my drama story as it really was. I was 52 years of age, 55lbs overweight, seriously suffering from physical symptoms and very unhappy with myself. I was stuck because, for the first time ever, I couldn’t lose the weight that I was carrying. In the past I had been an expert at losing weight, something I was really proud of, which meant that I had never had to learn how to maintain the new weight – I didn’t need to.

So now I was in the position where the very thing that I could count on failed me and so for the first time I had to face myself and make some tough decisions. This wasn’t going to be easy because I was stuck in the DRAMA and therefore I needed something drastic, to get me out of it. Luckily, I experienced my AHA Moment where I saw a way to move away from the DRAMA and step into my DHARMA (my truth).

Typically, the reason that we don’t simply step outside our DRAMA is because there is usually some behavioural issue that is getting in our way – KARMA. Now I know, the way KARMA being used here is not what is traditionally accepted, however if we apply some neurological understanding to KARMA it can make a lot of sense.

Think of KARMA as the conditioned learning that we intrinsically inherit and extrinsically obtain. Our intrinsic inheritance is comprised of our basic genetic material and the adaptive epigenetic permutations to those genes, resulting from familial stressors, and extrinsic influences which are obtain by our own actions throughout our lifetime.

Thus, KARMA could be thought of being more like a behavioural imprint that set us up for challenges in our life. When we overcome these challenges, they give our lives purpose and meaning.

So, how do we go about exiting the DRAMA and release ourselves of our KARMA so that we can step into our DARMA – our Purpose?

The simple answer is that we must act differently the moment we become conscious of being in the DRAMA. Very easy to say but can be very difficult to do because when we are in the DRAMA we usually experience this as some sort of internal conflict or threat, which automatically activates our innate stress response otherwise known as the FIGHT – FLIGHT – FREEZE mechanism. However, because we grow up in social groups we learn behavioural strategies that help us resolve situations when we feel uncomfortable or threatened. We then adopt these behaviours to become our preferred automatic conditioned responses – KARMA.

These behaviours now directly influence every decision that we make but what is more important here, is that they might not really even be ours. These are behaviours we have modelled from our parents, teachers, friends, etc. and therefore, we end up living someone else’s DHARMA (ideas and beliefs), and not our own. When we stop and choose ourselves before taking action we get the opportunity to transform everything from that moment onwards.

The reason this is important is because just prior to the FIGHT – FLIGHT – FREEZE response mechanism being activated there is a moment of “immobility”. This is a moment of Transition, where absolutely nothing is happening neurologically. Think of it as information “being held within the synaptic gap” or between the neurons over which the impulse must pass before being transmitted onto the next neuron.

At this is a moment it is as though time stops and where ‘Everything is held in Potential – nothing is yet coded and therefore no meaning is attached’. This is the moment we are at our most GOD-LIKE where we become the Creator of our reality. So, when we give ourselves a suggestion at this point we will instantly create rippling effects throughout our body and mind. The culmination of hundreds and thousands of neurons doing the exact same thing, is what creates AHA Moments.

In my AHA Moment time stood still – it was a holding space where I could feel, see, hear the entire universe all as one. I told myself that ICAN lose weight and that I would be successful because I had the power in me, to do it. In My AHA Moment I chose myself really for the first time.

From then on, I started walking another path and I know that you too can do that if you allow yourself to “s-t-r-e-t-c-h time” a little. If you learn to use that moment to Stop, Assess, Re-evaluate and then Act  then You will obtain the Keys to the Kingdom.

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