Emotional Freedom Technique for Anxiety

I just had an amazing result helping an 80-year-old lady resolve her fear of injections in her eye. She needed the injections they were treating her macular degeneration so that she wouldn’t go blind. She was already blind in her one eye because of the condition and so it was very understandable that she would be anxious.

Prior to this session she already had 13 injections, although from about the 10 injection she found that she was getting more anxious. She managed to cope but on the 14th injection she freaked out and they cancelled the procedure. She had another failed procedure after that and she was now getting desperate. What had started happening around the 10th session was that she was experiencing that the ceiling was coming down upon her but at the last sessions the whole room had become stable and she was experiencing intense vertigo like symptoms.

To put a little more pressure on me she said that she could only afford one treatment. Actually, I don’t think that she expected the treatment to work but she was relatively easy with the kind of therapy that I did although she didn’t know what they were. She had been referred to me by a client that I had successfully helped and that was good enough for her.

After a detailed history, I realised that I needed to do something more drastic so I opted to do EFT with her. EFT is a brilliant therapy as is very good at dramatically down-regulating the sympathetic nervous system, the system that is responsible for our flight-fight-freeze response mechanism, whilst at the same time giving a voice to those inner fears that we are thinking but are too afraid to verbalise. EFT is also very easy to do as there are specific acupuncture points that one taps on whilst saying a statement that is related to the issue at hand. It is easy to follow, is well structured and most importantly the person can do at home by themselves to top up the session.

Personally, one of the great things about EFT is that if the person really doesn’t know where to start, I am able to imagine what it would be like to say what is likely to be bothering them at the start of the procedure. Because I am in tune with them, it invariable resonates for them and they get to connect to the emotions surrounding the issue very quickly. Then it is a matter of peeling the layers and allowing new information to come in and process that.

We stopped when the intensity of the feeling came down and it was possible to do a pre-emptive projection in to the future where she was having the operation. At different points along the way, where there may have been some discomfort, we looked for the learning that she needed to have before resolving the feeling further.

We stopped when she said that she was done after going through the future event a couple of times without there being any fearful feelings. In the post talk she connected to a significant event that although not connected, may be attributed to another issue that was concerning her. She agreed to do the protocol at home if anything came up for her to resolve issues otherwise she would use it to just install positive feelings.

I am very pleased to say that the results of her effort were a resounding success. Not only did she get to have the injection but that everything went exactly as she planned namely; that the ceiling stayed perfectly still, that she had felt safe the whole way through, that she happily went on her own to the clinic and that she was able to have a conversation with the doctor the whole way though the operation.

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