The ICAN®Change Model for Transformative Change

Recently I have been extremely busy in attempting to get my book The Aha  Moment  finished so that it could be published. Thankfully it is now out there for everyone to read. However, I must say that it has been quite a journey for me and I wanted to share some of my learning with you.

Of course, you can buy the book for yourself, and I hope after this blog you will read it. The people that have done so have found it immensely useful for them. However, I wanted to just share a little of what was going on for me so that you would have a glimpse of the process that I took. You might even decide to write your own story.

As a therapist, I had many insights and stories to tell but when I started writing I really didn’t know what I wanted to put down on paper. I had a total mind block where all those pearls of wisdom just left me and it became harder and harder to find the nugget that I was wanting to share with the world. It was only when I looked at the areas in my life where I had overcome difficulties that I realised perhaps that this was what I was meant to talk about. I later found that this correlated with a lot of what was happening for my clients but somehow completely blind to that.  My story was that I had been a Yo-Yo dieter since the age of 14 and had never learnt that to keep the weight off. You see I was so ‘addicted to the feeling of control’ that I had during the weight loss program that I never really wanted to learn how to keep the weight off permanently. So, I never instigated actions that would make the weight loss stick!

Looking back, I realised that it was only when I learnt how to maximise the way my brain likes to optimally work that I could make those changes stick. To do this I found that I needed to address the three natural barriers to change which involved learning how to activate my brain’s natural mismatch mechanisms. These mechanisms are pivotal for any new learning to take place. What I did was to notice when I was doing my ‘bad habit’ and to change it automatically. This instantly primed my neurology to future situations where I might relapse into my old ways so that I could immediately become aware and make a different choice.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) commented that “No problem can ever be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” and moreover that the definition of insanity “is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result”.  So, I had to do something that I hadn’t done before – I had to focus on changing my brain so that I could persistently manifest those change behaviours, with limited effort at all. The result of the accumulation of my brain changing would effectively create a new state of being for me.

From my learning, I created the ICAN® Change Transformation Model, which is designed to create incremental changes in your brain every time that you do targeted actions to encourage brain changes. These changes are designed to heighten the neural activity in our brain so that when we reach a threshold level a transformation or Aha Moment can happen.

Current research on the use of therapeutic drugs to generate Aha Moments to help people change habitual has been shown to be effective. However, people do slowly relapse back into their old ways. I believe this is because people have not done the actual work to ensure that the transformation sticks and that means that their old patterns are still running.

After my big Aha Moment, I realised that these intensely spiritual-like states could be created naturally, without drugs. If we could only produce these mental states then we could have permanent change that is relatively effortless and easy. The ICAN® Change Transformation Model does just this. ICAN® uses psychotherapeutic modalities such as hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, EFT, Clean Language, Coherence Therapy to help create the neurological changes within the brain that maximise the possibility of Aha Moments to happen. Thus, because ICAN® is designed to help you to generate your own intuitive Aha Moment it is a very safe and effective programme for you to do.

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