Scenar-Cosmodic Training

Last week, myself and Vivienne Constad, completed our second professional training held at the Whittington Hospital London. On this three day course, participants got to learn not only how to work confidently with their new cosmodic devices, but also that had the opportunity to practise live with real clients under supervision.

The primary goal of the training was to help practitioners develop a multi-level approach to healing. As Cosmodic therapy means “all encompasing” our aim was to help the practitioner develop awareness far beyond that which they have done before.

Our over-riding belief is that as healers to give the very best treatment that we can we need to work with awareness. Therefore constantly throughout the course student practitioners were asked to explore connections between what they saw and or experienced to factors in the case history, connections with meridians or other modality knowledge and pay exquisite attention to how the clients explained their experiences i.e. listening for the body metaphors, etc. Practitioners were shown how to encourage a person towards a parthway of healing by leaning how to integrate nutritional approaches, genetic adaptation theory and understaning recovery reactions.

Our Ethos is that “Everything is Connected”! Thus recognising and / or learning to make connections not only increases their perceptiveness when treating clients but also would encourage them as practitioners to become even more creative in their practices.

We wish them well on their journey!!

Should you be interested in reading comments from the students and see datails for new courses please link to Scenar-Cosmodic Training.

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