Scenar-Cosmodic Training

On 12th & 13th March 2012 Vivienne Constad and I provided training for practitioners of Senar-Cosmodic Slider and Modific technology. Our outcome for the course to give practitioners:

  • An overview of the Professional Modific Slider and Standard devices, and providing an explanation of their options and settings.
  • Understand the technology and be able to clearly state the differences between Scenar and Cosmodic.
  • Set up and giving an appropriate consultation.
  • Rationale of how Scenar-Cosmodic technology restores homeostasis and re-educates the body.
  • How to ask the ‘right’ questions to enhance Cosmodic treatment.
  • How to accelerate healing in conjunction with Scenar-Cosmodic.
  • Understaning neurobiological interactions and Cosmodic technology principles.
  • Herrings Law and nutritional support.
  • Hands on training with the Professional device:
    • How to find the best area to treat
    • Skin impedance – direct links to CNS and organs
    •  How cells work
    • How to analyse diagnostic data
    • How to plot a course of treatment
    • How to plot a course of treat

The participant at the end of the course were awarded a certificate of attendance only.

For participants to obtain a full certification of competency they will need to:

  • Submission of six case studies of approximately ten sessions plus one break period
  • Sit a two hour practical examination where they will work on a client and receive feedback.

Certified Practitioners can are able to put ‘Scenar therapy’ onto their insurance once they have completed all the requirements.

The next Course is scheduled to be on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd May 2012

If you would like to become a practitioner of Scenar-Cosmodic or want to explore having treatments please contact myself or Vivenne Constad.


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