Coping Skills Training for Carers

I would like to thank all the participants that shared so much of themselves whilst being on the two day training courses. These courses were offered by for Haringey Council to help support people in their role as carers. The aim of the course was to help participants develop skills to:

  • Recognise physical signals that inform us that we are getting stressed
  • Learn how to identify the root the cause of that signal
  • Learn practical approaches to manage stressful feeling
  • Notice behavioural patterns that contribute to becoming stressed
  • Help coach each other to deal with difficult situations

The course was taught over two half days so that participants could apply course learning between trainings. The second day was geared to to follow up on any problems or difficulties they may have experienced with the exercises and provide opportunity to discuss their successes. My personal aim for the training was that I could provide a safe place where participants were able to explore their feelings regarding certain situations regarding the people they have responsibility caring for, and offer them strategies to help them find appropriate resources to deal with these situations for the future. The course was in essence a way to “listen” to what the body was telling them and then offer “live” demonstrations of how to deal with things. This way they could learn how to model these tequniques for later.

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